Bing adds intelligent features for hotel reservations and coupon offers

Microsoft announced a new update for Bing that adds a number of intelligent features to the search engine.


The new dynamics will help users make better purchasing decisions by making it easier to compare prices and features in different areas. For example, when searching for hotels, Bing displays suggestions based on prices and ratings.

It also shows photos of the proposed hotels, price trends and a series of data allowing a comparison of the benefits of each hotel.

On the other hand, it has also taken into account the process that the user has to perform in order to search for services at home. Because this can be a real problem, Bing helps you choose the best price (taking into account our location), displays price ranges and makes it easy for you to request a quote from the search results yourself.

We can see an example of the dynamics that Bing suggests in this link where we are looking for costs to paint a fence. And finally, vouchers and offers. Bing displays a list of them with details of whether they are valid on the premises or online only, the expiry date and other relevant information.

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These new search capabilities are currently only available to US users, so we have to wait for Microsoft to expand this momentum into new areas.