Apple updates developer guidelines regarding ban on cryptocurrencies on iOS devices

Apple, one of the world’s most valuable brands, has recently updated its developer guidelines, See Section 3.1.5 b of the new Apple Review Guidelines for more information:

Cryptocurrency: Applications may facilitate the transfer of approved virtual currencies (e.g., Bitcoin, DogeCoin) as long as they do so in accordance with all state and federal laws for the territories in which the application operates. Applications that facilitate first currency offerings (“ICOs”), cryptocurrency forwards and other cryptocurrency or quasi-value transactions must originate from established banks, investment firms, futures commission merchants (“FCMs”) or other authorized financial institutions and must comply with all applicable laws.

Does Apple allow cryptocurrency mining on iOS?

Their website also states: “Applications, including third-party advertisements displayed on them, may not perform independent background processes such as crypto-mining.

Although it is unlikely that you will be able to mine Bitcoin with an iPhone or iPad, as the processing power required to extract Bitcoin is proactively advised by Apple to avoid inconvenience to the devices.

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The application development guidelines for IOS say:

2.4 Hardware Compatibility

2.4.2 Design your application to use energy efficiently. Applications should not discharge the battery quickly, generate excessive heat, or unnecessarily stress the device’s resources. Applications, including third-party view displayed on them, cannot run independent background processes such as crypto mining.

Although Apple’s encryption policies originally date back to 2014 after the App Store did not list Coinbase and other cryptocurrency applications with an “unresolved problem”.

Although there are several applications that promise users to use the power of their equipment to extract crypto coins, the reality is that these activities require specialized, high-data-processing equipment that is worth the time and expense of the equipment due to the high temperatures generated by crypto coin mining.

This does not mean that the use of wallets is restricted, all this has to do with the use of crypto mining with Apple brand equipment.


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