Apple acquires Silk Labs to enhance the privacy of its AI-based home products

According to The Information Media, data protection company Silk Labs was tacitly acquired by Apple and joins the thousands of acquisitions accredited by Cupertino’s company this year.

Apple acquires Silk Labs to enhance the privacy of its AI-based home products

The source mentions that Apple’s acquisition of Silk Labs took place earlier this year, adding to the recent recruitment of the former Google Artificial Intelligence Director, who joined the company months ago.

Although Apple has not mentioned its future plans, we can intuitively say that the company is working to build a development team that will enable it to improve the privacy of its intelligent home product line, which is an industry in which Apple has not achieved the best results.

This start-up company with only half a dozen employees is responsible for creating systems with a high level of privacy through artificial intelligence.

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Silk Labs is working on image recognition, audio and device integration to make it easier for companies to develop the next generation of devices that connect intelligently.

Its main attraction is the focus on data protection, as the company has developed a lighter algorithm that only sends “important” video moments into the cloud, which anonymizes the data on its Silk Intelligence platform.

Although none of the companies has commented on this agreement, we know that Apple has a point in its favour with this new acquisition, which could lead to improvements in its various products such as the HomePod, Apple Watch or its virtual assistant Siri.