The Apple A11 chip for iPhone 8 would come with 6 cores

The second Apple SoC based on the TSF 10nm FinFET architecture is the A11 chipset expected to power the next iPhone family. The details of the chip Apple A11 reveal that the company intends to increase the number of total cores. So, resulting in higher performance than the introduction of the A10 Fusion.


Apple A11, First photographs of the chip used in iPhone 8

The new iPhone 8 is one of the most coveted and expected mobile phones by millions of users. And Apple is taking its time to get it ready, with a lot of news that we imagine will be implemented.

A previously filtered tweet detailed that the A11 was going to present four cores of performance. With the remaining two belonging to the practical side. However, the user corrected his statement by revealing that two cores will be able to deal with the overall performance of the phone. So, while another four cores would deal with less intensive tasks so that in total would be a 6-core processor.

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A11 Fusion Chip

That should deliver greater performance than A10 Fusion, especially in multitasking. With the 10 nm FinFET architecture from TSMC, Apple had the freedom to increase the number of cores without this impacting on the growth in energy consumption.

The Apple A11 chip for iPhone 8 would come with 6 cores

Apple is expected to talk about the A11 chip at a special event on September 12. Meanwhile, we are still waiting for the most coveted phone this year, will the wait be worth it?