AMD stock is booming: Share price exceeds $50 to set history

A few weeks back it was announced to investors that AMD stock has broken its historic value and yesterday it closed above $50 for the first time in its history, reflecting the strong investor interest in the company.

AMD stock rocks, bullish indicators for investors

Of course, we are not in a position to talk about current figures without putting them into context with the past, and that is why we will tell you about Lisa Su’s impressive performance. When she took over the management of AMD in October 2014, the stock cost $3.40, and in the first few years of FX’s presence in the market, it fell to just $1.60. This means that from that point on, the stock has been worth more than 30 times that amount and will continue to rise. Another interesting fact is that exactly one year ago it cost U$S 20.77, which is a 150% increase in a single year.

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AMD stock is booming: Share price exceeds $50 to set history

After the successful 2019, even better results are expected in 2020, with the arrival of Ryzen 4000 on the laptop market, the last market AMD had to conquer, and the arrival of Zen 3 to continue to even more its domain in desktops and servers, and investors do not want to lose these potential gains. It will be interesting to see how much the stock is traded in a year and how its growth was.

What do you think about the great success that AMD has had?

Source: NASDAQ