AMD Renoir’s successor will be named Cézanne, based on Zen 3 and RDNA 2

Although the first laptop models based on the new Ryzen 4000 “Renoir”, based on Zen 2 + Vega at 7 nm, are only just coming onto the market, however, AMD is already working on its successor, which would come onto the market as Cézanne and be based on Zen 3 + RDNA 2.

These new APUs would be the first to bid farewell to Vega, an architecture that AMD has been using for some time, and it is time to change that. The move to the new RDNA 2 architecture will bring a huge increase in IPCs and support for several new commands, allowing it to compete with the new Tiger Lake with Intel-prepared Xe graphics. Needless to say, they will not use all the components of RDNA 2, such as hardware ray tracing, because it is an APU and no dedicated graphics, and its performance is not as high, not to mention the size of the chip.

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On the CPU side, it will use the Zen 3 architecture, which will debut at the end of this year with the new EPYC and Ryzen as the first, with 15% more IPC than Zen 2 and better consumption, so it should be an excellent choice for laptops in all aspects.

Source: TechPowerUp