AMD RDNA 4: Up to 144 CUs and GDDR7 support

The rumored specs of AMD’s upcoming RDNA 4 architecture seem to have been revealed by the folks at RGT (RedGamingTech), who not only talk about the architecture, but also give details about the Navi 41, Navi 42, and Navi 43 GPUs.

AMD RDNA 4 will have up to 144 CUs and use GDDR7 memory.

Many details about the RDNA 4 architecture have surfaced on the Internet, showing that this architecture will offer up to 129 TFLOPs of FP32 performance and support for the new GDDR7 video memories. Clock speeds of up to 3.5 GHz are also reported. It is also confirmed that the number of ALUs in the CU will be similar to the RDNA-3 architecture, i.e. around 128 ALUs per CU.

Among other architectural improvements, there is talk of the caches getting a major upgrade and the 3rd generation Infinity Cache being used along with a new data prefetch system. WMMA (Wave Matrix Multiply-Accumulate) V2 will also provide a 2x per CU performance increase for matrix instructions. This not only increases the number of CUs by 50%, but also improves the performance of each CU by 100%.

The RDNA 4 graphics architecture will power the next RX 8000 series of graphics cards, which probably won’t hit the market until 2024.

The performance? There’s talk of a 50-60% performance increase over the RDNA 3 architecture. Here are the details on the three GPUs being developed to bring the high-end, mid-range, and low-end RX 8000 to life.

AMD Navi 41 – 144 CUs

RDNA 4, AMD RDNA 4: Up to 144 CUs and GDDR7 support, Optocrypto

This GPU will come with up to 32GB of GDDR7 vRAM, but there are also rumors of 24GB or 48GB GDDR7 and 6 MCD variants (the 32GB variant has 4 MCD). The clock speed will be up to 3.5 GHz and reach a performance of 129 TFLOPs.

AMD Navi 42 – 96 CU

RDNA 4, AMD RDNA 4: Up to 144 CUs and GDDR7 support, Optocrypto

The Navi 42 would have a maximum number of 12,288 shaders, which would generate about 86 FP32 TFLOPs at a frequency of 3.5 GHz. With the amount of 96 CU, this is the amount offered by an RX 7900 XTX today.

AMD Navi 43 – 48 CU

RDNA 4, AMD RDNA 4: Up to 144 CUs and GDDR7 support, Optocrypto

This GPU will have 48 CUs and clock speeds that also reach 3.5 GHz, giving a total performance of 43 TFLOPs. Interestingly, the low-end RX 8000 already offers more than 40 TFLOPs.

It is rumored that this GPU will come with 2 MCDs and GDDR7 memory support. The source does not confirm if this GPU will use an MCM design like other GPUs.

The year 2024 would be the target year for RDNA 4, when we will also see Nvidia’s next RTX 50 series of graphics cards. We will keep you posted on the latest news.

RDNA 4, AMD RDNA 4: Up to 144 CUs and GDDR7 support, Optocrypto

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