AMD partners with ConsenSys and Halo Holding to improve cloud-based blockchain services

Advance Micro Services (AMD), the U.S. semiconductor company, this week formed an alliance with ConsenSys and Halo Holding to build an infrastructure that improves the scalability of blockchain-based projects.

AMD partners with ConsenSys and Halo Holding to improve cloud-based blockchain services

The three companies will work together to develop a cloud data storage service for distributed accounting technologies aimed at improving the performance of blockchain projects for businesses and governments, according to an announcement released on January 4.

A survey conducted by Greenwich Associates found that 42% of private companies that have deployed blockchain technologies believe that scalability issues are hampering the implementation of these networks. The Alliance aims to solve this obstacle by integrating a larger infrastructure of AMD-developed hardware and software that seeks to improve security levels and transaction times by supporting a greater variety of loads.

The press release highlighted the establishment of an initial infrastructure for this type of service under the name W3BCLOUD. It is an independent cloud that integrates AMD technology components and data sponsored by ConsenSys, such as calculations for more efficient transactions and security tactics for blockchain projects.

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ConsenSys has also been involved in the development of projects with Amazon and the European Union. On the other hand, AMD was also in contact with the industry as the company entered into the sale of GPUs for Crypto Assembly Mining in 2017 without much success.

AMD partners with ConsenSys and Halo Holding to improve cloud-based blockchain services

Joe Lubin, founder of ConsenSys and co-founder of Ethereum, commented that improving the scalability of blockchain projects could promote the commercial adoption of these technologies. Joerg Roskowetz, Production Manager at AMD, added that the infrastructure will provide blockchain solutions for intelligent identities, supply chain management, health ID and data centers focused companies primarily interested in integrating blockchain into their services.

In a statement, Jerog Roskowetz, Director of Product Management for Blockchain Technology at AMD, stated that the technology giant ConsenSys would provide access to “powerful hardware technologies that enable better scaling and deployment of distributed networks and services”.

He also reported that the platform must meet a growing demand from large corporations and government agencies to use the technology to support identity, enterprise data centers, health identification tracking, licensing and supply chain management solutions.

In the statement, ConsenSys founder Joe Lubin said that increasing the processing power of blockchain networks with AMD technology will contribute to the “scalable introduction of new distributed systems around the world”, adding: “The combination of hardware and software will drive a new layer of infrastructure and enable accelerated deployment of blockchain technologies.