AMD confirms market launch of multiple Navi GPUs by 2019

In AMD’s latest financial report, Lisa Su confirmed that there will be several Navi products in 2019, so Radeon VII will not be alone in this fight against Nvidia.

AMD confirms market launch of multiple Navi GPUs by 2019
Lisa Su confirms the information that has emerged in this last period when several graphics cards with Navi architecture came on the market in 2019, the last information we had was that they should be released in June.

In the AMD Earnings Call, Lisa Su stated that AMD’s GPU business would bottom out in the first quarter of 2019, but the situation would improve in the second quarter as the retail channel became less overloaded. Lisa Su also suggested that AMD would receive “additional product launches,” a comment that followed Su’s claims that AMD would see an improvement in GPU sales in the second quarter.

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As for the games, Lisa Su also commented that “game growth” in 2019 will be driven by the introduction of Radeon VII (Radeon 7) and the introduction of “Navi”, confirming that several Navi graphics products are expected this year.

Our growth in games will be driven by new products. We will see it later this year and with our release of Radeon VII and Navi”. Said the current CEO of the Sunnyvale company.