Amazon begins its campaign to unveil its new Fire TV Cube

Amazon launched a page yesterday, which AFTNews discovered, featuring an image that asks what Fire TV Cube is, and invites those interested to subscribe by e-mail to a newsletter where they will occasionally receive information about it.

Amazon begins its campaign to unveil its new Fire TV Cube

Amazon begins its campaign to unveil its new Fire TV Cube

To refresh the memory a little, at the end of last summer, images of what would be the new generation of Fire TV devices were filtered into the aforementioned medium, speculating on Fire TV devices that, in addition to offering content on the television screen, would also integrate microphones for voice control functions, instead of having to use the remote controls or Echo devices separately.

Today, a user of the Engadget publication shared images from the updated user manual of his Ethernet Fire TV, which already includes the next-generation Fire TV, indicating that this adapter would be compatible and that an Ethernet adapter would not be integrated into the same device.

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AFTNews speculates that the reason for not wearing the integrated Ethernet adapter would be because the circuit board could be available at the bottom of the adapter, pointing out that the Ethernet ports must be connected to the edge of the circuit boards, which is why it would not be integrated.

In this image, you can see that on the back of the Fire TV Cube there would be a micro-USB port, which is where the Ethernet adapter would be connected, as well as an infrared port, an HDMI connector and a connector for the power outlet.

Even so, we do not know more about it, although it seems that we will soon be in doubt, especially when we expected the new system to be presented at the end of last year, although we had to wait a little longer, although there is still no date for the presentation of this new system.