Alphacool launches the GPX-A water block for Radeon VII

Radeon VII has a new water block that is already available from Alphacool, it is the Alphacool GPX-A.

Alphacool launches the GPX-A water block for Radeon VII

There are several features that stand out from this Alphacool water block. The transparent plexiglass allows you to see the water flow. The cooling block is made of fully nickel-plated solid copper. The generous water flow, which covers all important components of the graphics card, not only the GPU but also the voltage converters, the VRAM and other heat-generating components. We also have the inevitable RGB lighting.

A special feature and currently unique on the water cooling market is the connection terminal. Alphacool is the only manufacturer that does not rely on Plexiglas, but on a lot of resistant and transparent nylon. Stress cracks due to very close connections are a thing of the past.

The clamp can also be replaced by an alternative clamp that allows the connections to be mounted vertically.

Alphacool places a digitally addressable RGB LED strip across the entire width of the cooling system. This provides complete and unique illumination of the entire refrigerator. Each LED can be controlled individually. With the aRGB controller, which is suitable for digitally addressable RGB LEDs, unique and beautiful effects can be created.


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Sapphire Radeon VII (21291-01-40G)
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Gigabyte Radeon VII HBM2 16G HBM2 (GV-RVEGA20-16GD-B)
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The Alphacool GPX-A water block is now available in Europe for 126.89 euros.



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