OPPO 5X New Technology 5 Times Lossless Zoom at MWC 2017

This time, OPPO innovative at MWC 2017 at Barcelona introduces a 5 times lossless zoom black technology for advanced camera technology. Because of this innovative idea, OPPO becomes the MWC deserved a winner.

OPPO 5X New Technology 5 Times Lossless Zoom at MWC 2017
5 Times Lossless Zoom OPPO5X Specifications

Although today’s mobile phone camera technology is quite powerful. But still, it can not meet all the consumer’s pursuit of beauty. As well as a clear desire is to realize the captures things. On February 27, 2017, at Barcelona Global mobile world conference OPPO releases a 5 times lossless zoom technology.

5 Times Lossless Zoom Technology Details from OPPO.

This technology brings out the innovative look out of the lens. The new anti-shake program and 5 times the ultra-thin dual-camera zoom. In general, OPPO latest 5 times lossless zoom technology, it has three new breakthroughs: zoom larger, thin body, better anti-shake capability. So this technology is to provide a more stable use of camera zoom experience and more excellent camera effects.

There is no doubt that this technology allows consumers to take pictures with an interesting experience. This new technology can have a leap in progress. And finally through a more intuitive figure will look at this technology. If you miss this conference, you may wish to take a look at the subjects to bring you a picture to see OPPO5X new technology highlights and features.

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