4 elements that could destroy your SEO strategy

The one that does not have an SEO strategy is sailing towards the unknown destination. In the world of marketing, employing optimization techniques and processes is essential to strengthen the performance and fame of the business on the web. And if you are not using any SEO then it is quite difficult that the site can be established profitably. Also, at the same time that it captures hundreds of new customers every month.

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4 elements that could destroy your SEO strategy

4 elements that could destroy your SEO strategy

Positioning the web on the Internet can be a matter of months since competition in all sectors is increasingly harsh. Given this, it is better not to make mistakes that although they seem small. But they can significantly affect the SEO strategy proposed. Meet 4 of the essential elements that can spoil the quality of the site.

That the site takes a long time to load

First and foremost is the loading time of a page, since, who likes to wait? And when we talk about a lot of waiting time, we are talking about between 5 and 10 seconds. Also, visiting your page for up to two seconds is also a measure for speed checking of your page. After this time, it is likely that the user decides to go to another website.

Do not use and overextend the use of keywords

Each end is terrible, and more when we refer to the technology sector. If you decide on an SEO strategy where the keyword is not shown a couple of times in the main post or tab, it is likely that Google will not take you into account. In the same way, it happens with the excess of keywords. If the algorithm detects that you have gone through the use of keywords, it will probably penalize you and send you to the basement of the pages.

Poorly written and poorly written content

If your content is poorly written, with spelling errors, without a right context, and with inconsistencies, believe us you will be in the crosshairs of Google’s penalties. The idea is always to add value to the reader. The best part is to create a connection with the person on the other side of the screen. In this way, if the reader is informed and finds what you are looking for, you can share the information with your circle of friends, and thus you will have more users.

Having a bad communication between the SEO and the person in charge of the site

Both form a crucial piece in the excellent development of the site. If there is no link between the SEO manager and the person in charge of the page, there could be severe errors for the page. Keeping a constant and fluid communication helps both know the details of everything related to the web. In this way, you can contrast opinions to reach a favorable solution that benefits everyone.


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