3 tools to create animations and videos in a simple way

3 tools to create animations and videos in a simple way

Videos business and commercial animations can help in a great way to get to know the company creatively and effortlessly. With a well-developed clip, users can capture messages and ideas in moments, thereby achieving the attention of the same to see more information about what your brand does. For this reason, today we bring some of the best free tools to create animations and videos.

3 tools to create animations and videos in a simple way

Below you will find three alternatives that have been created to provide you with the necessary tools. That are to create quality animations at no cost. Know the most important of each option and try them on your computer as a marketing strategy to publicize your product or brand.


The first option of the list is a complete platform to create. That offers both commercial presentations and clips, as well as infographics, graphs, and university reports. In each presentation, you can choose any of the hundreds of templates that the tool makes available. Also, you can add video, audios and ways to create a quality clip that can be shared on the company’s social networks. Visme has a free plan and several payment plans with more functions available.

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The second alternative of the top 3 stands out. Because it focuses on serving as an aid to business marketing strategies. In its platform we find hundreds of templates to edit the video with different texts, audios, images and animated details that will make the clip stand out from all the competition. Wideo also allows you to export videos to share them without any problem. For this reason, you also earn a position on the list.

Also, it is important to comment that it is a multifunctional option that provides tips and other tools so that any user has the possibility of creating a video of a couple of phenomenal seconds. Wideo offers various use plans, among which an utterly free version stands out.


PowToon is another interesting website that can help you have good work, educational and personal animations. This digital site is viral among companies such as Coca-Cola, eBay, Cisco, Starbucks, among other brands to make their ideas known through excellent animations that come with hundreds of options. Start your new project with the help of PowToon that will make your strategy to publicize the business successfully.

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