VISO MP70 NAD unveils new amps and headphones at CES 2018

NAD comes with new headphones at CES 2018: VISO MP70. And launched a couple of stereo amps while it's about it. The D 3020 V2 (above) is a keenly priced integrated amplifier, while the M22 V2 is a much pricier power amp.

VISO MP70 NAD unveils new amps and headphones at CES 2018

VISO MP70 NAD unveils new amps and headphones at CES 2018

The headphones - VISO MP70 is a wireless, noise-canceling, on-ear affair headphone.

VISO MP70 is NAD's first wireless design and, at 320g, it's relatively light for a full-size, active offering. 'Tri-mode' operation means the HP70s works as wirelessly with noise-cancellation. So, with noise-cancellation off, or passively via the 3.5mm cable.

Wireless connection is via aptX Bluetooth HD, and battery life is about 15 hours when all power-sapping modes.


Great Wireless Connectivity

Part of NAD's 'Masters Series,' the M22 V2 is a stereo power amplifier of significant numbers, from power output to price.

It'll set you back £2800 - the same as the M22 it replaces. Power, though, is up 20 percent over the outgoing model, at 300 watts per channel. The V2 has a bridging mode that turns it into a 900-watt monoblock.

NAD is claiming distortion "below measurement," "almost non-existent" noise and "unconditional stability" with any loudspeaker. If this sounds like your kind of thing, the M22 V2 goes on sale next month.

The D 3020 V2 stereo integrated amplifier is a replacement for the 2013's trend-setting D 3020.

It adds a moving magnet phono stage to the original's specification, along with stereo pre-outs, which join stereo RCA analog inputs alongside optical and coaxial digital sockets. Wireless connectivity is achievable via aptX Bluetooth, and all digital data lead to a 24bit/192kHz DAC.

Power is unchanged, at 30 watts per channel, and the D 3020 V2 will be priced at £399.


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