Project Soli Google Wireless Gesture Recognition Project For Virtual and Mixed Reality

Project Soli, Google’s Project for Wireless Gesture Recognition Developer Kit will begin shipping later this year. Project Soli involves a millimeter-wave radar chip that can detect finger and hand movements with a very fine gestures measurements. It can have uses on mobile devices, computers and other electronic devices, allowing players to play games through gestures.
Project Soli Google Wireless Gesture Recognition Project

Project Soli Google Wireless Gesture Recognition Project


Google’s Project Soli Wireless Gesture Recognition Developer Kit will begin shipping later this year.

Project Soli involves a millimeter-wave radar chip. The technology is likely to implement in market to get rid of the controller and input devices. However its biggest impact may be virtual reality and enhance the virtual reality technology field.

Today, when using the VR header, the user needs to hold the controller. But with the Project Soli you can use gestures to define how users interact with the virtual world.

The chip size is so small that Google can integrate it into small devices such as smart watches. It is understood that Project Soli is a Google and Infineon joint research and development program.

And there is  a news that these two companies will jointly promote this technology in the second half of this year.

At a recent GDC conference, it was announced that the Project Soli Developer Suite will be shipped later this year.

The goal of the developer suite is to tap user with the new use of the technology. Initially, Google’s positioning Project Soli is just for game control.

In a demo, the user can integrate Project Soli chip device with sliding fingers. One can control through the finger movements. The faster the finger slides, the faster the game character runs. By moving the hand up or down, the game character can skip obstacles such as trees.

A team at the University of Andrews in the UK uses this technique to identify materials based on weight and other characteristics. For example, it can detect copper, plastic and other materials.

In a video posted on YouTube , Aaron Cammarata, director of technology projects at Google Advanced Technology and Project Group (ATAP). So Project Soli is also a transformation technology and have target uses in game technology as well as other than games.

Peripheral network security does not work in the cloud, it is time to use a new cloud security method to protect sensitive data, verify the user identity, ensure compliance, and let you have the control of security by using your secret gestures.

Project Soli Radar technology?

Radar technology is highly reliable and provides fastest response because it uses millimeter-wave technology.

Google ATAP is responsible for leading the project and dedicate to develop technologies that are for commercial products. Which ATAP also developed Tango to enhance the reality platform, now Lenovo Phab 2 Pro smart phone is also going to use this technology.

Later this year 2017, Levi’s will launch clothes with touch and gestures. This feature is part of Google’s ATAP Project Jacquard project.

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