A FIREBALL FALLS IN SOUTHERN PERU, watch the VIDEO at the end. It happened that it began to fall the afternoon last Saturday in the Amazonian city of Pucallpa, in the central-eastern zone of Peru, when, suddenly, a ball of fire appeared in the sky.



The fireball descended rapidly and left a thick white trail. “Look at the meteor, look at the meteorite!” They said in one of the villages in the area, one of its residents recorded in a YouTube video.

In Pucallpa, they observed the phenomenon in passing. But it was in Puno, almost 2,000 kilometers south of the first city, that the mysterious object landed, which caused no human or material damage.

Three days later, Peru’s aerospace authorities are still trying to decipher exactly what it is and where it came from.

The nonprofit company Aerospace said on its website. That the object was sighted re-entering the atmosphere on January 27 over Pucallpa, in northern Peru.

What they do confirm is that it was not a meteorite and that in the same city of Puno three objects with the shape of a sphere and one that looks like an occasional metal piece fell. That is according to what he told BBC Mundo Gustavo Henríquez, secretary general of the Commission, on Tuesday. National Aerospace Research and Development of Peru (CONIDA).

Henriquez also pointed out that the trajectory of the bright object was from east to west. And that the phenomenon was also observed in the Amazonian state of Acre, in Brazil.

In this sense, Henríquez said that “most likely” is that it is satellite fuel tanks. Although a commission from the Peruvian agency that traveled to Puno must still confirm it.

The US authorities, meanwhile, reported that a “Russian rocket body SL-23 re-entered the atmosphere on January 27, 2018, over South America (near Peru) at 11:32 pm GMT (6:32 pm local time). ) approximately”.

Although other data also appear, such as the “rocket body” that re-entered the Earth is part of a space mission for the launch of the so-called AngoSat 1, Angola’s first communications satellite.

Meanwhile, the images published by the local press show how the locals have even removed one of the objects to reveal the “more than 30 centimeters” crater left on the ground.

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