Learn How To Tweak Netflix with These Tools for Free

It has become customary to watch series and movies through Netflix. This streaming video platform is the best plan for the weekend that many people draw. Although at the moment we do not see any problems. As we use it we become more demanding, and we think about the many functions we would like to have to improve the experience.

Learn How To Tweak Netflix with These Tools for Free

Fortunately, we can achieve these improvements through external applications, easily accessible and many of them completely free.

These are the best extensions or weapons that we can use to enjoy, even more, Netflix.


One of those demanding users created a catalog of the best movies, and Netflix tv shows to be easily found. What this website does is index all the new videos on the platform and facilitate its search. That comes with more clear filters than those we see on Netflix. Such as "Originals" to look at the productions of this signature.

In addition to finding the newest titles, we can see which ones will be deleted in order to "run" to see them.

Only a few countries like the United States, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, Finland and the United Kingdom will be able to enjoy Flixable. And for now, it is expected that more countries will be added in the coming months.

Simkl Enhancer

It is an extension for Chrome that reveals the secret codes that Netflix has and uses them to our advantage. Its primary function is to remind us of the premiere of an episode of a series that we have already seen. Or of a new movie belonging to a genre that we usually reproduce. For this, it is necessary that the extension is synchronized with our Netflix account and detects the material we have seen.

As an essential function, through Simkl Enhancer we will see some secret categories to find titles not previously seen. Also, according to our list of plays and the Likes, we will receive personalized recommendations.

Netflix presents the trailer for his movie Mute


How many times have you wanted to tell a part of a movie? But do you realize that it would be better for your friends to see only that part before ruining it by saying it wrong? This great question is answered with " Projections ".

It is a mobile app for iOS and extension for Chrome that allows you to record up to 20 seconds of any Netflix video. This. feature was created so that we can share excerpts from a movie or series and that our friends are excited to see them.

Download both applications from this link.

The videos can not be downloaded but can be added to social networks or embed in a blog.

Other interesting tools

  • Video Adjust for Netflix, to adjust saturation, brightness and other elements in the videos.
  • Rave, to socialize with Netflix fanatical friends.
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