TestM, to check the health of your Android smartphone

Smartphones are becoming more complex day by day, which is a paradox, because of their new technology. However, so much innovation ends up taking its toll on users. For example, the battery is short, memory is insufficient, many apps run in the background. In short, there are so many situations that affect the performance of phones.

TestM, to check the health of your Android smartphone

Knowing what conditions our mobile device is in is vital if what we want is to take action on time, before it is too late and we lose the smartphone.

TestM is an application that acts as a 'doctor' and generates diagnoses about the health of smartphones.

Like all tests, this application will make us answer some questions and perform some actions to find a more accurate diagnosis. That is done when the problem is so big that even this powerful tool cannot detect it. After all, we are responsible for the health of our phone.

But TestM could be very useful to check the performance of a phone used by another person. And that is now in our possession.

A very dynamic test

As can be seen in the image below, what we have to do to verify the performance of the phone is not a thing of the other world. But in the end, it is tasks and answers that we are not aware. That's why performing this test is even fun.

TestM, to check the health of your Android smartphone

TestM has many functions, sorted by level of importance. We could just use some or all of them.

The best of all is that these tests can have customizations according to the need we have to evaluate in depth or not the software conditions of our terminal. However, we must note that many times if the test is not completed it could alert us to an error.

Download this app and use it as you see fit to find out how is the health of your Android smartphone.

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