Resonic, the most customizable audio player for Windows

Nothing better than, when starting to work on our computer, open the audio player to listen to our favorite music. Sometimes we use the player that by default comes with the version of the operating system that we use, and sometimes that program falls short of what we want to do with it.

Resonic, the most customizable audio player for Windows

That's why downloading a tool with which we can customize the way we control what we hear (anything besides music) is not wrong, especially if we are demanding users.

 Resonic configurations

Resonic is an audio player with support for Windows, whose download and use do not require any payment unless you want the "Pro" version. But that's not the best thing about this program. The advantages it has over other players are many.

Better features and functions of Resonic


To start, it supports the most used audio formats on the network, such as WAV, MP3, MP4, FLAC, OGG or WMAY, also others not so famous for some. It is not compatible with the visualization of videos. But if we are only interested in what is said in that video of MP4 or WMV format, for example, we can listen to it from this player.

When you start Resonic, we will see a tab of "Finder" with all the folders of our system, and if we click on any of them, we will see, in another section of the window, any audio file that contains to be able to listen to it.

Another significant feature is that this software comes in portable mode, so you do not have to install it so that you can use it from any location.

 The Resonic interface is complete regarding showing us the necessary controls. That is needed to manage audio, but it also includes other advanced ones. Such as the reproduction from segment A to B, repetition of the sound. And a waveform graphic with necessary information about the file in playback. In which we can also click to advance or delay the audio.

Download the free version or the PRO, for payment, from its official website.

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