Surge S2, Xiaomi’s new processor, which promises to be more powerful graphically

Xiaomi presents Surge S2. Xiaomi has already incurred in the market of processors, with the Surge S1. That comes hand in hand with the Mi 5C. And this idea was born to reduce its dependence on industry suppliers such as Qualcomm and to try to personalize and differentiate your mobile devices

The Surge S2 plans to be much better than its predecessor and is already filtering data on this new processor. Also, that will run at 2.2 GHz with a GPU Mali G71 eight-core graphics processor. That provides two times of rendering cores. Although the number of cores is maintained, the architecture changes, without counting the increase in power given the upgrade from T860 to G71.

 Surge S2, Xiaomi's new processor, which promises to be more powerful graphically

This processor will support GSM and CDMA networks making it fully compatible with virtually all operators worldwide. Although the affirmation of this filtration, it is expected that the Surge S2 will be able to manage dual cameras with depth blur, to offer portrait mode, or stereo mode, in telephones where this is allowed. Function.

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These are the improvements concerning S1, which brings the Surge S2:

Building 28 nanometers 16 nanometers
CPU 4 Cortex A53 at 2.2GHz + 4 Cortex A53 at 1.4GHz 4 Cortex A73 at 2.2GHz + 4 Cortex A53 at 1.6GHz
GPU Mali T860 MP4 Mali G71 MP8
Screens Maximum FullHD at 60fps and Dual Display -
Video playback 4K at 30fps -
Video recording 4K at 30fps -
Cameras Dual Support -
Connectivity Programmable LTE -

At the moment no more details are handled. But it estimated that with the MWC 2018. So just over a month is remaining.

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