These are the main improvements of Firefox 58

In November 2017 Firefox 57 came to light, with many advantages over its previous version and even, compared to other browsers like Google, now, this January 23 comes Firefox 58. Next we will highlight the best of this update.

Naturally, Firefox 58.0 presents improvements related to many areas of this web browser. For example, the web extensions API is new, as well as many functions that have to do with the overall performance.

These are the main improvements of Firefox 58

About performance

 Speaking of improvements in performance, developers have advanced in technical aspects of Firefox as the function Off-Main-Thread Painting, improving 30% FPS (frames per second). These improvements also include a look at the cache. Now, when we activate the JavaScript Startup Bytecode, the pages load much faster.

Old profiles not supported

It is important to note that the patterns that were created during the previous version will not be compatible with Firefox 58, we must create new profiles to be able to use them in this update.

Monitor extensions

Once we have configured the entire browser according to our preferences, it is possible that some extension needs to modify part of that configuration, but it is surely something that we do not want. With this new version of the browser, we will be able to know when and which extension has changed our preferences to be able to disable it, if we want it.

Important improvements for the user

Developers now have an improved API for creating themes and other functions within WebExtensions. But traditional users will also notice improvements that go beyond performance, for example:

  • Screenshots can now be made from private browsing and can be stored in the clipboard.
  • Progressively the autocomplete function will be added in forms that require banking data such as credit cards and other important ones such as passwords. We can decide where this information can be stored.
  • Optimization of the functions that detect websites that are not very beneficial for users.
  • Added the runtime permission request feature in Android extensions.
  • Change color of the status bar.
  • Use of version 4 of the security protocol in navigation.

If you have not yet changed to the new Firefox Quantum browser, we invite you to download the latest version.

  • Download  Firefox for Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Release Notes for Firefox for Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Download  Firefox for Android
  • Release Notes for Firefox for Android
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