3 websites that will change the color of your eyes in a photograph

Many people change their eye color through contact lenses, but in many places, it could be somewhat expensive. So it's best to make sure it's something they want, but how do you know if they would look good with a blue tone if they have brown eyes or vice versa? There are online tools that let us know how we would look like with a particular color of eyes in a matter of seconds and without spending anything.

Someone can go to the following websites to entertain and joke with their friends. It is a way to play with your appearance or that of your loved ones.


3 websites that will change the color of your eyes in a photograph

It is first on the list for being a specialist only in changing the color of eyes; It has no other functions. Therefore, it makes the work easier. Besides, it has a minimalist interface that shows us simple controls to modify the color of the iris.

The first thing we must do is upload one of our photos, click on both eyes and zoom in on the image. That. is where we can proceed to change the color by positioning curves to combine the different veins that we usually have in the iris, for example, green eyes with brown streaks.

Access Sketch and Color here.


3 websites that will change the color of your eyes in a photograph

Unlike the previous one, this web application manages other modifications besides the eye color. Here we can edit other elements of a photograph. However, the function we are talking about does not have to envy the first tool in the list.

How to know the exact place where you took a picture

Within the option "Retouch" we will find a special section for the change of eye color. What we should do is "color" the iris with a circular brush adjustable to the outline of the iris. We can modify the opacity of the selected color until achieving a natural finish.

That is the official website of iPiccy.


As specialists in the manufacture of contact lenses, AirOptix presents a much more efficient eye color simulator than the previous ones. The idea is to test the colors because they are the ones they offer with their brand, then they have perfected their tool to attract new customers.

The procedure is similar to the previous ones. Also under an easy to understand and use interface. There will be no ways not to make the color change we want.

These tools are free and of quality. Remember that the more resolution and size the photograph, the better the final result.

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