3 Webs to Create Attractive and Professional Curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae is like the "first impression" that employers have of candidates for a position. It is essential to have a resume that details our real capabilities and, also, now with jobs in the digital world. We must take a design that denotes the creativity we offer as professionals.

Curriculum vitae 3 Webs to Create Attractive and Professional CV

The curriculums should be striking, that the first thing that the employer feels is that he has in his hands, or behind his screen, a different curriculum, from someone who is very ingenious and who offers freshness and professionalism to the position he chooses.

 How to create striking Curriculum vitae?

That is why we will share 3 of the best web applications with which we can create striking and professional curriculums.


Curriculum vitae

Those who need different versions of their curriculum can use this fantastic web app. That has several customizable templates that result in entirely charming resumes. Thus, if we want to opt for different jobs, we can adjust each curriculum to the type of work.

To use this website we need to register. We can obtain the curriculum and its different versions in PDF format, ready to send.

Improve your curriculum with VisualCV; it's free.


3 Webs to Create Attractive and Professional CV

It is a website that can create Curriculum vitae based on the data we have registered in social networks. That leaches data from Facebook and LinkedIn. Also, it suggests that using Resume.com makes us build a resume in less time than with other editors.

Each template within this web app can be adapted to different professional profiles, this to create several versions of the curriculum, in case you want to apply for a position of Community Manager, but also to another as a web developer. Resume.com can share resumes with other editors.

Use Resume.com by clicking here.

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