Buy Sony WF-SP700N, wireless headphones, noise-free and water resistant

If you know Sony WF-SP700N, you would love to buy Sony WF-SP700N. A headset without wires, which do not fall from the ear. Also, that is water resistant and cancel the ambient noise. These are the specifications of the new Sony WF-SP700N. That connects via Bluetooth to your mobile devices. They have presented them at CES in Las Vegas, but we still do not know when they will arrive or what their price will be.


Bluetooth and NFC

It is the easiest way to communicate a mobile phone with headphones. The NFC ("Near Field Communication") makes it easy to connect. You touch the "N" key of the device, keeping them close, and it is paired. If your phone is old and does not have this technology, you can always match it with the traditional method. These Sony headphones use Bluetooth 4.1 and support A2DP, AVRCP, HFP and HSP profiles (AAC or SBC audio formats).

Sony WF-SP700N, wireless headphones, noise-free and water resistant

Sony WF-SP700N, wireless headphones, noise-free and water resistant

Once paired, in addition to sending music you can use them as hands-free to answer or make calls. The built-in microphone and the quality of the headphones will allow you to speak better than ever. You can also use Google Assistant directly after an update.

Without noises

The Sony WF-SP700N have noise cancellation technology. When you need or want maximum insulation, you can activate it, and the microphone will pick up ambient sounds. The system will reproduce waves in the inverted phase to cancel them in your ear. And in this way, only the music will come to you, without any noise.

Buy Sony WF-SP700N

But these headphones are fixed to the ear and already offer some insulation. If what you need at some point is the opposite, i.e., listening to the ambient noise or talking to someone, you will not need to take them off. In addition to the "cancel sound" mode, these Sony headphones have an "ambient sound" mode. When activated, the microphones pick up the ambient sound and pass it to the headset directly.

How to Buy Sony WF-SP700N?

So, mixed with your music, you'll be able to do outdoor sports more safely in this way. Or in the gym listening to your classmates. Yes, training, because the Sony headphones resist humidity and splashes without the problem.

Up to 9 hours

The headphones have a battery that supports up to three hours of music playback with noise cancellation enabled. But its case has another cell, and save them will be charged. It is capable of charging them twice more completely: in total, three charges in three hours. Nine hours of music without having a charger. The compact case measures about six by six by 4 centimeters and weighs 45 grams. On standby, the headset battery lasts 8 hours (or up to 35 hours with sound canceling off).

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