The most useful voice commands for Google Assistant

Google Assistant or Google Assistant is, to Android, what Siri represents for iPhone: a virtual assistant that we can go to make our lives easier. Direct us: we talk to him and he, or she, answer us. That easy. Google Assistant is configured in such a way that just by saying 'Ok Google' we can now request a large number of tasks, from the typical calls or consult the time, to more complex such as putting a song that you want to listen, at that moment.

The most useful voice commands for Google Assistant or Google Assistant

The most useful voice commands for Google Assistant or Google Assistant

Also, it is difficult to get the most out of Google Assistant: your commands can be as varied as utilities can be made from the mobile phone. That is why, to facilitate the task, we have decided to bring you no less than 50 voice commands from the Google Assistant that we believe can help you squeeze all the juice from your mobile. So, you cam call any mobile, open applications or even listen to jokes talking on your phone.

How to activate Google Assistant or Google Assistant on your mobile

But first things first. First of all, you should know if your mobile is compatible with the Wizard. Your phone must have the latest version of Google Play services and, at a minimum, have version 6.0 of Android installed. Also, it will only work on devices with a minimum of 1.5 GB of RAM and HD or 720p screen resolution.


If you have already verified that you can have it, to activate it, by default, you must leave the start button pressed. At that moment, you will invoke the Assistant who will ask you Hello, How can I help you? As of that moment, you will be able to ask him all the voice commands that we have indicated previously. If you want to train your voice, configure any aspect of the assistant's cards or another aspect of the assistant, you must enter the assistant's menu, which you can access through the Google application.

Basic commands

The most common voice commands, from opening applications and websites to calling by phone, to turn on the Bluetooth or the flashlight.

Open applications and websites

  1. 'Ok Google, open the (web) website.' For example 'Ok Google, open the web of OptoCrypto'
  2. 'Ok Google, open the app (app).' Ideal to open applications when our hands are busy. Try saying 'Ok Google, open Gmail.'

Activate and deactivate functions on the mobile

The most basic we can change it and configure it directly with the voice. Here we have several examples of basic voice commands.

  1. 'Ok Google, turn on the flashlight.'
  2. 'Ok Google, turn on Bluetooth.'
  3. 'Ok Google, put the phone in silence' / 'Deactivate the silent mode.'
  4. 'Ok Google, raise/lower the volume.'
  5. 'Ok Google, raise/lower the brightness.'


We go first with a series of commands with which to be productive in our day to day. How to put an alarm, create an appointment in the calendar or a specific notice? Do we want a timer for our memory tasks? Here we show you everything.


  1. 'Ok Google, put alarm at 5.'
  2. 'Ok Google, put on the alarm to repeat itself every day, from Monday to Friday, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon' Sometimes, the assistant may ask you when you want it to repeat itself, even though you have already told him.
  3. 'Ok Google, turn off the alarm.' At this time, the clock application will open, and you can disconnect the alarm you want.
  4. 'Ok Google, teach the alarms.' As in the previous case: the clock application will open.
  5. 'Ok, Google, when is my next alarm scheduled?



  1. 'Ok Google, add (name of the event) to the (time of the event) in the calendar.' For example, the next day you have an appointment with the company of light at 10 in the morning. So, you just have to say 'Add light appointment at 10 o'clock on the calendar'.
  2. 'Ok Google, show me my calendar events'
  3. 'Ok Google, when is my first meeting tomorrow?
  4. 'Ok Google, show me the agenda for today/tomorrow / this week



  1. 'Ok Google, set the timer for a minute.'
  2. 'Ok Google, make a countdown of five minutes' At the moment of ordering the timer, the clock application will open, and the countdown will begin.

Utilities of the day to day

From translating words and phrases to finding that synonym or definition that is so hard for you to remember, including converting coins and measures.


  1. 'Ok, Google How do you say beer in Japanese?' Of course, the Google assistant will tell you the answer loudly. We can also include a complete sentence such as How do you say 'I want a beer' in Japanese.
  2. 'Ok Google, translate (word) to (language)'. It's another way to ask the Google assistant to translate words you do not know.



  1. 'Ok Google, how many are (currency) in (currency)? For example, how many are 10 pounds in euros?
  2. 'Ok Google, convert (currency) in (currency). Another way to ask the assistant.

Definition of terms and words

  1. 'Ok Google, what does (word) mean?
  2. 'Ok Google, define the word (word)

With this utility, the Google assistant will tell you in a loud voice the definition of a word you have doubts about, so you do not have to use the dictionary.

Messaging orders, contacts and notes

Everything related to send an email or make calls, both to establishments and communications of your agenda, without touching the mobile. Remember to activate the handsfree!

Phone calls

  1. 'Ok Google, call (contact).' If the contact has more than one number, you will have to choose which one you want to communicate with.
  2. 'Ok Google, call (contact) with the hands-free activated. The Google Assistant will enable the speaker and make the call, so you do not have to worry about anything other than talking.
  3. 'Ok Google, call (known establishment, shop, museum, etc.). For example, 'Ok Google, call the Museum of Fine Arts in Seville,' 'Ok Google, call the Fnac store.'
  4. 'Ok Google, call (store, establishment) nearest.' For example, 'Ok Google, call the nearest pizza place.' Next, the Google Assistant will show you all the pizzerias you have nearby. Now, choose the one you want, press and the call will start.


Text messages

  1. 'Ok Google, send a text message to (contact) (body of the message)' For example: 'Ok Google, send a text message to Alfonso Benítez - I'll call you later, I'm busy.' If the recipient has more than one phone number, you must choose it on the screen. Next, you will have to decide if you want to change the message or send it.
  2. 'Ok Google, send an SMS to (contact) message' would be a variant of the same previous order.


  1. 'Ok Google, send an email to (contact) (subject) message' For example, we want to send an email with a short text. We are late for our appointment. Let's say 'Ok Google, send an email to Alfonso Benítez - Subject film - I'll arrive a little later, about 8'.
  2. 'Ok Google, show me emails (contact).' When we order the Assistant to show us the emails of a specific contact, he will show us a couple of them, having to access the application ourselves if we want to see more.



Through the Google application, Keep, we can quickly write warning notes or reminders and have them correctly organized. It also works with other note applications such as Trello, Evernote, Wunderlist, etc.

  1. 'Ok Google, send a note to (contact) (text).' For example, 'Ok Google, send a note to Alfonso Benítez - Pick up the wedding dress.' If you have, for example, installed Google Keep and Gmail on your mobile, the Assistant will ask you with which of the two apps you want to write the note.
  2. 'Ok Google, write a note.' Beware, it does not detect with this command the Google Keep app.


Everything you can do with the Wizard about your installed apps. From listening to music on Spotify to sending a WhatsApp message, to watching a series on Netflix.


  1. 'Ok Google, open WhatsApp'
  2. 'Ok Google, send a WhatsApp to (contact) (message).' Once I show you the resulting screen, you will have to say 'Send it' or 'Modify it.' The message will be sent to your chosen recipient.



  1. 'Ok Google, open Spotify.'
  2. 'Ok Google, I want to listen to (artist).' Also, next, the Assistant will show you what applications you have available to listen to the artist in question, from YouTube to Spotify.


  1. 'Ok Google, open YouTube'
  2. 'Ok Google, show me a video clip of (artist)'


  1. 'Ok Google, take a selfie.' Quickly, the Assistant will open the front camera and a three-second counter will appear, just to pose and to look in the photo fantastically well.
  2. 'Ok Google, take a picture.' Also, with the photos of the rear camera will also apply the timer, so try to frame correctly.



  1. 'Ok Google, open Maps'
  2. 'Ok Google, how do I get from here to (destination).' Also, if you have your home tagged in Google Maps, you should just say 'Ok Google, how do I get home? So, if you change 'house' to 'work,' the result is the same. Or if you want to search for a street, the voice order will be the same.
  3. 'Ok Google, show me a map of (place)'

Leisure and curiosities

  1. 'Ok Google, show me what movies are in the cinema in (city)'
  2. 'Ok Google, tell me a joke.'
  3. 'Ok Google, sing me something.'
  4. 'Ok Google, what's your name?'
  5. 'Ok Google, tell me a riddle.'
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