Intel laptops can be controlled in just 30 seconds (INTEL AMT)

More headaches for Intel, the security problems of its processors make attackers can take control of Intel laptops in just 30 seconds.

Intel laptops are very vulnerable

Intel laptops hack in just 30 seconds (INTEL AMT)

Intel laptops can hack in just 30 seconds (INTEL AMT)

F-Secure has encountered a security problem in Intel Active Management Technology (AMT). That allows hackers to take control of Intel laptops in less than a minute. This issue causes cybercriminals to skip BIOS and user passwords to have full access to the computer. That is also possible using Trusted Platform Module (TPM) technology and BitLocker PIN codes.


Harry Sintonen, the security consultant at F-Secure, comes up with these problems with Intel laptops as "almost disappointingly easy to exploit" but with "incredible destructive potential. Intel AMT technology has been designed to facilitate remote control and maintenance in corporate environments. Also, this is not the first time that vulnerability in this system.

This time the situation is especially dangerous since it can exploit the vulnerability of Intel laptops in just 30 seconds and with a single line of code. You only need to restart the system by holding the CTRL-P keys during startup. After this, it is possible to access the Intel Management Engine BIOS Extension (MEBx) with a default password.

"The attacker can now get remote access to the system from wireless and wired networks. As long as they are able to insert themselves into the same network segment with the victim. The attacker can enter your room and set up the laptop in less than a minute. And now he or she can access your desktop when you use your laptop on the hotel's WLAN and how the computer connects to your company's VPN , the attacker can access the resources of the company. "


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