HP EliteBook x360 1020 G2, full review of specifications

We have analyzed EliteBook x360 1020 G2. In these times, the barriers between traditional laptops and tablets have been broken. The manufacturers manage to make more and more versatile equipment, with right screen size but maintaining a very light design. And without giving up the battery. A trend that has also reached the professional field, with models such as the EliteBook X360 1020 G2. This HP convertible combines a 12.5 “screen in a weight of just 1.13 kilos and seven hours of use with each load (according to our tests).

Not forgetting the most professional-oriented features. Such as an integrated fingerprint reader, ports compatible with Thunderbolt or TPM chip to add an extra layer of security at the hardware level. The HP EliteBook X360 1020 G2 can be found in the official store of the brand for a starting price of about 1,700 euros (although you can see it lowered by 15% during January). We had the chance to try the laptop; we told you what we thought.

HP EliteBook x360 1020 G2, full review of specifications

HP EliteBook x360 1020 G2, full review of specifications

HP EliteBook X360 1020 G2

screen 12.5 “IPS touch screen with 700 nits brightness, 1,920 x 1,080 pixels
Internal memory 256 GB SSD
Processor and RAM memory Up to Intel Core i7-7600U quad-core up to 3.9 GHz, up to 16 GB of RAM
Graphic card Integrated graphics (Intel HD Graphics 620)
Battery 4-cell lithium ion, about seven hours in normal use
OS Windows 10 Pro
Connections Bluetooth 4.2, WiFi dual-band AC
Ports 2 x USB Type C compatible with Thunderbolt, 1 x HDMI, 1 x headphones / microphone
Design Metal
Dimensions 29 x 20.38 x 1.39 cm (1.13 kilograms)
Featured features
Release date Available
Price From 1,700 euros

HP EliteBook 360 1020 G2 keyboard

An outstanding keyboard for a compact size

Sometimes you tend to forget the importance of the keyboard on a laptop. And for those whose work has a lot to do with writing (as is my case), the keyboard is fundamental. On a personal level, I think that HP today has no rival regarding console. Both the height and the separation and arrangement of the keys. The EliteBook teams have had an outstanding balance for some time. Although we had our doubts about how the conversion of the keyboard would be in a 12.5-inch format.

But the EliteBook X360 1020 G2 fulfills its legacy and lets us enjoy an experience quite similar to what you can have with a classic keyboard (saving distances by size). It has to backlight in a very discreet and elegant blue color, with two levels of intensity. It is much appreciated that the size of the enter key. And that of the shift key have been respected, two keys that are widely used in documents. In short, a complete success.

HP EliteBook 360 1020 G2 view more general keyboard

Bright screen and with good tactile response

It is one of the points that the American company wanted to highlight. The display of the HP EliteBook X360 1020 G2 has a very high brightness level of up to 700 nits. That on a practical level is very useful if you are going to use the equipment under the impact of a light source like the sun. The truth is that it is appreciated, although the use of a glossy type panel causes a more significant number of reflections.

HP has opted for the 12.5-inch format, somewhat smaller than the 13.3 or 14 inches that have become standard for ultrabooks in recent years. That facilitates its handling, but perhaps there is not so much difference in comfort when it comes to transporting or grabbing it. And what is missing (at least in our case) is that extra screen space to be able to work better in the Windows environment.

Of course, this IPS touch panel has a proper color treatment and offers a Full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. In principle, more than enough for normal use of the equipment.

HP EliteBook 360 1020 G2 design

Careful and elegant design

The design of the HP EliteBook X360 10 G2 is up to what is expected of a team above 1,500 euros. The appearance of the laptop is elegant and generates a premium feeling from the start. Although it is a reasonably thin model (1.39 centimeters). Also, it has a relatively stable level of robustness thanks to its aluminum construction. The screen shakes slightly if we move the equipment but the hinges are solid, and the panel stays well in all positions. In fact, one of the advantages of the X360 is that it is designed so that we can rotate the screen up to 360 degrees and use it as a tablet.

Personally, it is a mode that I do not usually use much because a tablet of this size seems quite comfortable. However, I do appreciate the versatility at the time of placing the screen in different positions. By the way, apart from the tablet mode. So, we can also position the screen in-store mode or with the screen inverted to enjoy movies better. Or to use touch apps from the Windows ecosystem.

HP EliteBook 360 1020 G2 inverted screen

The HP EliteBook X360 10 G2 comes in silver. The speakers are dual and are located, curiously, on the lower edge furthest from the screen. Although this position in principle would seem to play against the speakers, this part has been raised slightly so that the laptop does not “step on” the surface thoroughly. In this way, the audio output is not covered, and a rebound effect is also achieved that improves the sound experience. Always taking into account the limitations of a team of this size, the truth is that Bang & Olufsen has done an excellent job.

HP EliteBook 360 1020 G2 speakers

Best Dimensions

The complete measures of the portable are located in the  29 x 20.38 x 1.39 centimeters. As we see, it is a very competitive thickness. Although it does not reach the level of the Acer Swift 7 2018 that has just been presented. To finish, we must emphasize that the team has not overheated at any time during our tests. A point that often costs to manage from the manufacturers (especially with such thin and light designs). It is also a silent model, something that is appreciated.

HP EliteBook 360 1020 G2 connections

Connections and internal memory

In the field of links, we think that the EliteBook X360 has to pay baggage for its compact spirit. In particular. The lack of traditional USB ports. In a trend that increasingly extends in high-end ultrabooks, it is given more importance to USB ports of type C. However, at the moment we think a handicap since there are so many accessories that already opt for this Connection. And the use of an adapter (as has been our case) is somewhat cumbersome. Not even Bluetooth mice are prepared (usually). Since most use a receiver that also has to be connected to a USB port.

Two C-type USB ports compatible with Thunderbolt

Be that as it may, the EliteBook includes two C-type USB ports compatible with Thunderbolt, one of them also thought to carry the charge. By the way, an outstanding point, since the full load is below two hours. We also have a full-size HDMI port. Something that is appreciated and that is strange to find in small ultrabooks. The physical connections are completed with a headphone slot.

HP EliteBook 360 1020 G2 connections left side

Regarding wireless connections, we have ac type WiFi (more excellent stability and speed) and Bluetooth 4.2.

The memory of the equipment ascends to 256 GB in format SSD of type m.2 PCIe. With this arrangement, you get higher performance when opening applications or working with files compared to traditional SSD. As usual in these cases, we can opt for broader memory configurations.

HP EliteBook 360 1020 G2 overview

Power and battery

The model we have tested uses an Intel Core i7-7600U processor, although the most basic unit opts for an Intel Core i5 chip. This chip has four cores at a speed of 2.8 GHz, which in moments of need can be brought up to 3.9 GHz. The processor is combined with a RAM of a maximum of 16 GB (8 GB base).

Within the battery section, this model meets what is expected of a work team. In our tests. We were able to use it around seven hours with regular and continuous use with lightweight apps, browsing and occasional video (and the screen half-brightness). Although we must recognize that the brightness of it invites you to make the most of it. In this case, the times we around were around five hours.

HP EliteBook 360 1020 G2 hdmi port

Advanced functions

Do not forget that we are talking about a model aimed at a professional audience. That is why it has some additions typical of this field. Starting with the version of Windows 10 itself, which is Windows 10 Pro. Also included is a TPM chip, designed to provide an extra layer of security against computer attacks at the hardware level. At interface level, it is necessary to highlight the presence of a fingerprint reader with which the access to the equipment can be blocked. It is a function that is beginning to become increasingly popular due to its extension in the world of smartphones. And the number of laptops with readers is increasing.

With HP Sure-Click, we enter a community of users who send data from their threat and attack teams so that the response can be faster. We also have a portal to find help to configure the equipment or protect it. As well as an app to connect the smartphone directly to the computer without having to plug it by cable.

HP EliteBook 360 1020 G2 bang olufsen

Price and opinions

The EliteBook X360 can be found in the signature store for a starting price of 1,700 euros. This amount varies according to the configuration. In short, this is a very versatile laptop that can work as a tablet. Among the highlights, we place your quality keyboard, its excellent performance or the brightness of your screen, designed so that we can use the model even under the impact of sunlight. And all this with remarkable autonomy so that we do not get lost throughout the day.

The best of the HP EliteBook X360 1020 G2

The screen is very bright

It has a good autonomy

The audio system is remarkable if we consider its size

The keyboard is very comfortable and balanced

It has an average size HDMI port

The worst Part

It does not have reasonable size USB ports

To work with applications, the screen may be somewhat small

It has a high price

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