Sony RX0, the ultra compact digital camera that resists water and shock

The CES fair in Las Vegas is the ideal setting for presentations. Sony has unveiled several products there and has confirmed the sale of others: among them this new compact action camera. And when we say "action" is not for less, because the Sony RX0 is resistant to shock and water. The camera measures just 59 millimeters wide, 40 millimeters high and 30 millimeters thick. Its sensor is 15.3 MP, of the Exmor RS type with a 3: 2 ratio. It is so fast that it allows recording in super fast mode up to 1,000 fps, and the shutter reaches one / 32,000. The sensitivity can achieve 12,800 ISO. And the lens is a Zeiss Tessar T of 24 mm (equivalent to 35 mm) with an opening F4,0. Its price is in line with its benefits: 850 euros.


Small but big

The Sony RX0 fits inside a closed fist but concentrates a lot of technology. Inherits from the RX series of cameras technical capacity to obtain high-quality images. The body of the camera is compact but robust and rigid. The Exmor RS CMOS sensor and the BIONZ X image processor ensure you can capture perfect images. This processor manages to extract from the recorded images more realistic details, richer tonal gradations, and less noise. The DRAM memory is stacked between the sensor and the processor, to maximize the reading speed.

Sony RX0, the ultra compact digital camera that resists water and shock

Sony RX0, the ultra-compact digital camera that resists water and shock

The sensor is a CMOS 1.0, and its large size is an advantage to capture more light and more details. The lens, a Zeiss Tessar T of 24 mm and F4.0, offers high-resolution images. They are free of peripheral distortions and maximize the contrast and sharpness that can be captured. Important detail the rear LCD screen, 1.5 inches, perfect to monitor what we record.

Fast and resistant

In the continuous shooting of photos, the Sony RX0 reaches up to 16 fps, close to the frames of a video. In a video, the camera can record up to 960 / 1,000 fps, that is, 40 times the standard frequency. Call it super tough. And it allows taking video in 4K without compression for an external recorder. As a professional.

Sony RX0 rear submersible

The Sony RX0 does not need extra protection to survive a terrible deal. If it falls into the water, it is not a problem: it can stand up to 10 meters deep. If you are a professional diver, you can put an underwater shell. And if it falls to the ground, it is not severe either: it can sustain falls from up to two meters high. Not even if you step on it, you can break it, because it can withstand crushing up to 200 kg.


The Sony RX0 has multiple functions capable of helping you get recordings and images first. A camera can record spectacular photos, yes, but there is a way to overcome it. Use more than one camera! Sony wants to encourage the use of multiple cameras in a recording, and that's why its new RX0 is very thoughtful for those applications. The. PlayMemories Mobile app allows you to control up to five Sony RX0 wirelessly.

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