The rarest objects presented at CES 2018

In the framework of the CES of Las Vegas 2018. There are many products from different brands are being presented. We find novelties in televisions by the hand of Samsung, LG or Sony. News on computers from HP, Acer or Lenovo. But among all these new products there is always a gap for pure innovation. Many companies take advantage of CES to present rare objects and gadgets with unique features. We have compiled the ones that have seemed more interesting to us as well as funny.

Robotics at CES 2018

The advances in robotics are one of the significant achievements of humanity. Getting a robot to be as close to a human as possible is something that companies crave. At CES we have found two examples that have nothing to do with this, but that is interesting and funny because of their design and functionality

The first is the Ubtech Walker, in short, is a robot that can walk around our home and according to the company serve as a butler. But as always there is one, in this case, it is that it lacks arms. Yes, you read well, you do not have arms. So his mission as an assistant in the home right away does not look good at all.

Besides not having upper limbs, it is a bipedal robot. That is, walk with two robotic legs. Those who are placed on these issues will know how slow, noisy and impractical it is to provide this type of movement to a robot. The thing is not there, according to the company its purpose is to patrol the house at the speed it will take a long time.

The second robot is the Aeolus. A robot presented at the CES whose mission is to bring food from the fridge. Yes, as you read it. Its main attraction and how it has shown the Aeolus Robotics is the ability to pay food from the refrigerator, specifically drinks. But according to the company, this is not the only thing that this robot can do, but it can help us as an assistant in our home. You can organize, clean and do housework. But it is clear that the most important thing is to have a cold drink while you watch TV.

If you are someone who likes to hug a pillow to sleep this object, you will love it. Somnox has developed a robotic pad, if you have read correctly, robotics. This pillow has been specially designed to be comfortable to be embraced. The technological part of this is that while the embrace can emit different sounds such as a heartbeat or sounds of nature, everything depends on our preferences. Also, it has sensors that will measure your sleep cycles. The price of this pillow is 550 dollars, but it is not for sale if not in a Kickstarter campaign.

Gadgets presented at the CES 2018

Among the rare items that have been shown this year at CES Las Vegas, we have chosen the ones that seem strange to us.

The rarest objects presented at CES 2018

The company Invi based in the Netherlands has created a bracelet that contains a surprise for assailants or thieves. This bracelet that can have an innocent appearance is a stink bomb. It acts in the following way, at the moment in which we feel attacked what we do is to turn the hard capsule that will break the vial of stinking liquid that it keeps inside. According to them, the smell is so strong that the assailant will get away from us or at least we can flee or ask for help. The price is 60 euros and is already available on their website.

The rarest objects presented at CES 2018

The revolution in the thermos for coffee has come from the hand of Cauldron. The thermos that has presented at the CES of Las Vegas has many functions. It is a modular thermal to which we can add different parts depending on what we need. Among those who have presented an LED thermometer to know the optimal temperature of our coffee, a flashlight, and even an electric coffee grinder. This thermos has a price of 130 dollars. The company has also commented that they are working on a loudspeaker that is compatible with the Google assistant.

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