WPA3, what it is and what improvements it brings to WiFi security

We recently talked about a virus capable of hacking the security of your WiFi network. It was a dangerous security problem that affected WiFi networks around the world. All, because at this point they are still working with the WPA2 protocol. Many device and software manufacturers have been releasing updates.

But the final solution to this incidence will not come until a new version of the protocol gets in. Which will be nothing more and nothing less than the so-called WPA3. But, what kind of tool are we talking about? What is it and what improvements can it make to WiFi security?

WPA3, what it is and what improvements it brings to WiFi security

WPA3, what it is and what improvements it brings to WiFi security

What is the WPA3 protocol?

The WiFi Alliance is the group of companies that are behind the certification of products. That work by transmitting data through WiFi. At this time, according to The Next Web, the alliance is working on the new WPA3 wireless protocol. It is the one that in future will replace what is known as WPA2. And it will significantly improve the security of the existing protocol.

But why? We have already indicated that one of the main reasons why the WiFi Alliance is working on a new protocol has to do with the attack discovered in October 2017. The WPA2 contract is the one that is currently protecting your WiFi router and the devices that connect to it, from any intruder that wants to sneak into them.

After the discovery, manufacturers such as Google, Apple or Microsoft brought out a series of patches with the aim of avoiding targeted attacks. However, these are not the definitive solution to the problem. Any skilled criminal could get to see the information that transfers between router and devices.

The current protocol, known as WPA2, is now 14 years old. The new system develops with four main issues in mind. And we will describe them below.

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The four most essential security improvements of WPA3

The developments of the new WPA3 protocol for WiFi networks are four. And summarized, are the following:

  • More robust protection. Also when users have chosen passwords that do not comply with the typical security recommendations.
  • A new simplified process for configuring security, especially accessible for devices with an interface with a limited display. Or even null.
  • Users' privacy in open networks is strong through individualized data encryption.
  • And finally, a new 192-bit security architecture has been incorporated, aligned with the national security algorithms of the National Security Systems Committee. And we that this system will allow users to further protect WiFi networks with higher security requirements. That is very important in companies, corporations and government entities, whose data is especially sensitive.

It is likely that the first equipment equipped with this WPA3 certification will arrive during the next year. It will be necessary, then, for companies to do everything required to replace existing equipment. And, in the case that you have to do it yourself, you will be responsible for checking if your new router - or whatever machine you are going to acquire - has a WPA3 certification.

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