Thermaltake Pacific CL360, CL420 and CL480: Copper radiators for liquid ‘High End’

Thermaltake announced its new family of radiators Pacific CL. Where we find three models of different dimensions. That link to the name  Pacific CL360, Pacific CL420 and  Pacific CL480 of 360, 420 and 480 mm respectively. That exponentially increases the heat dissipation compared to traditional, cheaper and less efficient aluminum radiators.

Thermaltake Pacific CL360, CL420 and CL480: Copper radiators for liquid

Thermaltake Pacific CL360, CL420, and CL480: Copper radiators for liquid 'High End'

In addition, these radiators link to very good fans with a high static pressure for perfect cooling. That comes with the Pacific CL360 and the Pacific CL480 designed to install up to 6/8 fans of 120 mm. While the Pacific CL420 can be installed up to 6 fans of 140 mm if both sides of the radiator are used.

Also, that improves efficiency and heat transmission, the company indicates that all radiators are reasonably thick, 64 mm thick. Also, that offers a triple row flat tube design, something that would help the water flow from one side to the other and then pass to the inner chamber allowing to reduce even more the coolant liquid promising temperatures around 32 and 35ºC.

Unfortunately, Thermaltake did not give any details in regards to exact dimensions, FPI's, availability or price.

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