Lenovo Smart Display, the Google Assistant now has a screen

Lenovo has taken advantage of the CES to present its new Lenovo Smart Display, a small touch screen that integrates the Google Assistant. With a minimalist and discreet design, this screen will try to become the personal assistant of the whole family. And that is the Smart Display will be able to raise us, show us the time that it is going to do or our calendar of meetings. We can also make calls to Google Duo or watch YouTube videos on your 8 or 10-inch panel. We can even listen to music. All controlled with the voice.

Lenovo Smart Display, the Google Assistant now has a screen

Lenovo Smart Display, the Google Assistant, now has a screen

Lenovo's new smart screen is based on Qualcomm's Home Hub platform. That integrates in it, thanks to the SoC Qualcomm SDA 624, CPU, GPU, DSP and Bluetooth connectivity and WiFi all in one.

Regarding design, the Lenovo Smart Display will be available in gray or with a natural Bamboo finish. On the other hand, we can place it both vertically and horizontally. Also, when it is not in use, the screen can be used as a digital frame. That will show selected images or if we prefer, a Google Photos album.

launch Lenovo Smart Display assistant

But, as we said, this screen is not designed to be an ornament. The Lenovo Smart Display integrates the Google Assistant, which can give us a lot of information. For example, we can ask you to read our agenda for the day to see what appointments we have. Or we can make it show us the traffic that is on our way to work. Also, show us any establishment in Google Maps.

Another option is to use it to watch YouTube content. Not as a tablet, but for example, we can ask you to show us videos with prescriptions of sirloin to prepare dinner. We can even use the Lenovo Smart Display as a command center for our home automation devices.

launch Lenovo Smart Display call

From the Lenovo Smart Display, we can even make video calls. These will be made using Google Duo, available for both Android and iOS.

In short, with this screen, we will have an assistant at our disposal. The Lenovo Smart Display will hit the market this summer in two sizes. The 8-inch model will cost $ 200, and the 10-inch version will cost $ 250. The price in euros has not been confirmed, but we are sure that it will be 200 and 250 euros respectively.

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