Kodak KashMiner: The last absurd invention of Kodak to keep your bitcoins

Kodak introduces Kodak KashMiner at CES 2018 show. The phenomenon of Bitcoin in 2017 has made the mining of cryptocurrencies become a most demanded activity. And where there is demand, there is also supply. For that reason, it was only a matter of time until they began to commercialize specialized devices in carrying out the mining. That is the case of one of them.

The last absurd invention of Kodak to keep your bitcoins

Kodak KashMiner: The last absurd invention of Kodak to keep your bitcoins

As we discovered by various means, at CES 2018, Kodak has presented KashMiner, a product created in collaboration with the company SpotLite. This machine, which looks like a subwoofer, allows you to create Bitcoins, and without worrying about energy consumption: spend like a dryer. Of course, everything has a price.

Win-Win for Kodak

The tragicomic twist of this product is that, apart from having a very high price ($ 3400), half of what is generated with this device will go into the pockets of Kodak and Spotlight. Thus, with this system, the company can be surrounded by an army of Bitcoin miners who also pay to be so. The American company just has to wait to see the benefits arrive.

bitcoin one

The operation is as follows: for those $ 3,400, the user rents the machine for two years. That is estimated to be able to mine an equivalent of $ 9,000 in Bitcoins ($ 375 per month).

Assuming that the price stays at 14,000 dollars per Bitcoin during the next two years. That is something highly unlikely since the virtual currency has shown everything to be less stable in this last year.

In any case, if the prediction is met, Kodak would take 4,500 of those $ 9,000, so the investment would be a benefit of $ 1,100 over the course of two years. Spotlight says that it already has 80 users using the KashMiner. And expects it to increase to reach 300 miners in the coming weeks.

We'll see how Kodak and Spotlight are doing with this adventure, which for many users can be considered a scam. But in no case hides its controversial conditions. Kodak wants Bitcoins and wants you to take them out, in exchange for a small slice. What do you think? Do you think this is an excellent way to start in the world of Bitcoin mining?

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