Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H8i, H9i and E8, new wireless headphones

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H8i, H9i and E8, new wireless headphones

Bang & Olufsen has presented at CES three new headphones. On the one hand, we have the  Beoplay H8i and H9i, two revisions of the current Beoplay H8 and the Beoplay H9 respectively. On the other hand, we have the Beoplay E8 that, although they were already on the market, now come in two new colors. Thus, the new Beoplay H8i and Beoplay H9i slightly change the design and improve their sound, battery and noise cancellation. As for the Beoplay E8, they maintain the same characteristics but arrive in two new finishes. On the one hand, the Beoplay H8i and Beoplay H9i will go on sale on January 25 with a price of 400 and 500 euros respectively. The new colors of the Beoplay E4 will arrive on February 22 with the same price as they currently have, 300 euros.

This year we have seen much news about headphones at CES. And Bang & Olufsen has not wanted to be left out. However, more than new models we have been able to see a revision of some of their models with more success. For example, the company has introduced the new Beoplay H8i and Beoplay H9i. As we mentioned before, it is a revision of the current H8 and H9.

Although the basis is precisely the same, the new models include some improvements. For example, they have a thinner design of the ear pad. On the other hand, the headband and brackets have also been slightly remodeled. And the aluminum discs on the outside are more abundant.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H8i, H9i and E8, new wireless headphones

Best Noise cancellation

Internally it has improved the sound, noise cancellation and, above all, the battery. The battery life of the H9i has increased to 18 hours, which is an increase of 4 hours compared to its predecessor. As for the H8i, the manufacturer indicates a range of up to 30 hours, which means an increase of more than 100%.

Regarding the difference between the two, the Beoplay H8i are on-ear headphones, that is, they rest on the outer part of the ears. And the Beoplay H9i headphones are over-ear, which means they cover the ears. These last ones provide more excellent isolation from the outside, but they can also be less comfortable.

The Beoplay H8i and Beoplay H9i will go on sale on January 25 with a price of 400 and 500 euros respectively.

B & O Beoplay E8

launch B & O Beoplay H8i, H9i and E8 model E8 white

As for the Beoplay E8, the novelties only come in the form of finishes. The company has launched two new colors: All White and All Black. As you can imagine the innovation is that the entire headset will be white or black, depending on the model. The silver and gold details of the current colors disappear.

The Beoplay E8 All White and All Black will reach the market on February 22 with a price of 300 euros.


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