11 hidden tricks in iOS 11

If you just updated your iPhone or just have a new one that was given to you by the Magi then surely you want to know this list of the best 11 hidden tricks in iOS 11 that we have created especially for you.

Apple usually incorporates functions in its mobile operating system that rarely explains in detail. Or only leaves it in a long document describing the iOS that people rarely read. However, the tricks hidden in iOS 11 have been discovered, and here we have concentrated at least 11 of them.

IOS 11 tricks you should know

11 hidden tricks in iOS 11

- If you have WiFi and an iPhone with iOS 11 close, you can share the password automatically. Also, it is not something illegal or very elaborate, the system itself detects other device and will show you on the screen a message to share the connection. And the Accept that other terminal will connect without having to write any data.


iOS 11 Best Hidden Tricks


SOS Emergency system

- One of the tricks of iOS 11 that you should know is that this version of the operating system now includes a new SOS Emergency system. And that is by activating repetitively five times the power button will activate an emergency call to the bodies. So, that is a function of native panic.



- One of the hidden tricks of iOS 11 is that FaceTime now includes screenshots during calls. So, just press the button to capture images on your iPhone, and the operating system will use the camera of the other mobile to take a picture.

Grid when taking photos

- Now you can use the grid when taking photos. And that is another of the hidden tricks of iOS 11. That is you can activate it by entering Settings, then Camera by selecting the option Show grid. So, with this function active all the time you are going to take an image you will have indicators to level.


- You do not need to talk to Siri so much anymore; you can ask her questions from the keyboard. As you can do with Cortana and with Google Assistant, although she always suggests you speak, it is not essential anymore.

- Although it is not a novelty in Android, for example, another trick of iOS is that you can rearrange applications. That you always need to have on hand on your iPhone, you no longer need to enter the full drawer of apps to find the one you want.


- You have PDF's of the web pages, now Safari allows this option with content that you want to save in your iPhone or send. And to do it unfold the options menu, and you will see the available function, from recipes, addresses, articles. So, everything you want It can be a new PDF document.


-Other tricks for iPhone is that you can enter in a much more comfortable and faster to Instant Notes from the lock screen. For this you must activate it by going to the Settings section, selecting Notes. And then the option Access from the display of blocking.


- Also with Notes, you can use a new function. And that is you can scan physical documents using the primary camera of the iPhone. This will undoubtedly be very useful when taking notes, of course, it is not a professional scanner. And you can not Convert images to text with this function.

- The last of the 11 hidden tricks in iOS 11 that we present has to do with storage. And is that all iPhone users are concerned about the space on your device. But now the operating system itself offers suggestions for saving capacity. So, for this, you can go to Settings, then General and then select iPhone Storage.

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