Vertagear PL4500: The first gaming chair with a wireless RGB lighting system

Vertagear brought its Vertagear PL4500 gaming chair to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. That has become the first gaming chair to incorporate a wirelessly configurable RGB LED lighting system. Also, that overcomes the severe problem of having a cable on the ground. That can end up being destroyed by the own wheels of the legs.

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Vertagear PL4500: The <a  href=first gaming chair with a wireless RGB lighting system" width="740" height="427" />


Vertagear PL4500: The first gaming chair with a wireless RGB lighting system

Using wireless technology, you can control the RGB lighting. Or you can adjust the lighting modes entirely remotely using your remote control, installing an application on your mobile device, or from your PC. If we want a bit of running in the room. Also, the lighting can go to the music that is playing at that moment.

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As you can see, the lighting is in the gaps that we find behind our shoulders in the form of LED strips. And in the lower part, projecting the company logo on the floor just below where the gas piston positioned ( ideal if you drop food hey). Regarding the lighting supply, no details were revealed, as well as its store availability and its launch price.


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