Samsung WW6850N, compact washing machine with intelligent functions

Samsung has just announced its new smart washing machine (WW6850N) equipped with QuickDrive technology. What does this mean? It is capable of cleaning clothes up to 35% faster if we compare this model with others of the company. Also, it offers a compact size, with a width of 24 inches, and includes a dryer. In this way, the Samsung WW6850N becomes the perfect appliance for those looking for a combination of washing and drying two in one. For now, we do not know its price and date of release to the market. What we do know is that she will be exposed these days at CES in Las Vegas.

Samsung WW6850N, compact washing machine with intelligent functions

Samsung WW6850N, compact washing machine with intelligent functions

Intelligent washing machine with QuickDrive technology

The most innovative feature of the WW6850N washing machine, as we say, is the QuickDrive technology. It includes a central drum and a back plate that moves independently. That creates a dynamic action that moves clothes in four directions: up and down, forward and backward. Thus, dirt is removed quickly, gently and thoroughly in a wash cycle. It takes up to 35% less time than other Samsung washing machines.

Samsung WW6850N

Also, the WW6850N is compatible with Samsung's SmartThings ecosystem. That will allow us, for example, to connect the washing machine to the mobile. Its built-in Q-rator artificial intelligence assistant integrates wash recommendations. It also has a wash planner with which we can adjust the cycles to control the time it takes. But also, Samsung's smart washing machine offers HomeCare Wizard, a technology that monitors the washing machine to keep it running at optimum performance. It provides easy-to-follow maintenance instructions.

The Samsung WW6850N 24-inch washing machine also comes with a built-in dryer. We can say, therefore, that it is perfect for those who need an appliance that fulfills several simultaneous functions due to lack of space. The new smart home appliance from Samsung will be exposed during these days at CES in Las Vegas. For now, its price and date of departure are unknown.

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