Samsung launches the Q9S, a TV that increases the resolution of content to 8K

Samsung introduces the Q9S, a TV that works on 8K resolution via atrifical intellegence. By using different algorithms developed by the company, the team learns by itself to scale the resolution it is showing in the picture below:
Samsung launches the Q9S, a TV that increases the resolution of content to 8K

Samsung launches the Q9S, a TV that increases the resolution of content to 8K

During CES 2018, in the US city of Las Vegas, Samsung introduced the Q9S. That is the 85-inch television with artificial intelligence. That learns content to increase its resolution to 8K automatically. That usesUsing different algorithm developed by the company. And the team discovers by itself to scale the resolution it is showing, regardless of the content that is going on. The television promises to offer very vibrant colors and excellent fluidity of the images.

This television has a technology that Samsung also implements in other TVs. That includes LED technology and Tizen in their operating system. The company did not announce the Q9S price at CES 2018. Also, the company introduced other products. That includes the first MicroLED television for the consumer. That is the Q9 tv. Also, there are: smart refrigerator Family Hub (3.0) and improved compatibility SmartThings with televisions QLED to control the intelligent house.

The CES 2018 comes loaded with news and televisions are one of the great protagonists. And today we have the Samsung QLED Q9S. That is an 85-inch TV. That is capable of scaling any content at an 8K resolution. For this, it uses an artificial intelligence system based on automatic learning.

How Artifical Intelligence work to view 8K content?

That manages to increase the resolution of the images to show them in 8K quality. Or at least that's what the company says. The Samsung QLED Q9S 85-inch and the successor QLED Q9 will hit the market later this year.

While 4K TVs are beginning to take hold in consumers' homes, manufacturers are already thinking about 8K. However, getting content in a native 8K resolution is practically impossible. Neither are there nor are Internet connections capable of transmitting such a significant amount of data. So Samsung has gone around and thought of a way to offer content in this resolution. And finally, the solution comes in the form of artificial intelligence.

Samsung QLED Q9S, the first TV with AI

The new Samsung QLED Q9S equips an artificial intelligence system capable of transforming all images into 8K. That is, it allows you to enjoy any movie or television program with an 8K resolution. That is regardless of the native resolution or transmission method.

Samsung launches the Q9S, a TV that increases the resolution of content to 8K

As it does? The television comes with a database that studies and analyzes millions of images in advance to transform low-resolution content into high resolution. When powered by a low-resolution source, the AI of the QLED TV selects the optimal filter and converts the source into a high-quality image.

This image processing achieves natural images in high resolution, without compromising the gradation of the image. To do this, the TV categorizes the image quality elements into input sources per scene to produce more vibrant, more detailed photos. In this way, the AI achieves that the edges of the text are clear or that a picture of a bright moon shows the sides of the planet in a transparent, not blurry background.

Samsung launches the Q9S, a TV that increases the resolution of content to 8K

In addition to treating the image, the artificial intelligence of the Samsung QLED Q9S also allows working with sound. Depending on the content we are watching, the TV will adopt the sound format without touching any parameter.

For now, we will have to wait to see how this technology works live. However, with it, Samsung has already achieved the innovation award of CES 2018. Even so, QLED 8K televisions with artificial intelligence will come to market in the second half of the year. And the AI will be present, for now, only in TVS over 65 inches.

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