Acer V6820M and Acer V6820i, 4K UHD projectors with Amazon Alexa

Acer has announced that Amazon Alexa will be available in its new Aspire, Spin, Switch, and Swift products. Also, they will include it in the all-in-one equipment from the first quarter of 2018. And taking advantage of the launch of this project, the manufacturer has introduced two new projectors: Acer V6820M and Acer V6820i.

Acer V6820M and Acer V6820i, 4K UHD projectors with Amazon Alexa

Acer V6820M and Acer V6820i, 4K UHD projectors with Amazon Alexa

We are before two projectors destined to enjoy the cinema at home. Both have 4K UHD resolution and are compatible with HDR images and Rec.2020 signals. And, as you can imagine, they come up with Amazon Alexa. The addition of the voice assistant from Amazon will allow the projector to control through voice commands. At the moment we do not know when they will reach the market or its price.

Although the 4K comes in today's televisions, in the projectors, its situation is very different. Currently, only some high-end models and exorbitant cost include this resolution. However, this year could face a change. That is, we are not just going to find 4K UHD models for less than 1,000 euros, but at least they are appearing more affordable model. Now Acer is up on the 4K UHD projector with the new Acer V6820M and Acer V6820i.

The new projectors offer a resolution 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) in 120 inches. Also, they are compatible with HDR images and Rec. 2020 signals. They also support Rec.709 standards for more accurate color reproduction, as well as 3D images. That is to say; we are facing a projector oriented to enjoy the cinema at home.

The Acer V6820M and the Acer V6820i include the Acer AcuMotion frame interpolation system. That generates intermediate frames, inserting them among existing ones to achieve very fluid images even in scenes with significant movement. Both projectors also have a noise level of only 19 dBA. So they will not bother us in our film sessions.

And as a novelty, both the Acer V6820M and the Acer V6820i include Amazon Alexa. Amazon voice assistant. That will allow users to control the projector with voice. After enabling Acer Projector Smart Home features, we can ask Alexa to, for example, turn on the projector, change the input source or change the screen mode.

Finally,  the Acer V6820M and the Acer V6820i include two HDMI inputs compatible with 4K. Also, there is an Ethernet input, a VGA input, a USB 3.0 port and an S / PDIF output among others. As we mentioned, both its price and the release date are still unknown.

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