Panasonic creates a robot to use on farms

In the last edition of the International Exhibition of Robots, held in the previous year. Also, Panasonic presented a robot with very particular abilities. Since it is thought of as "tomato harvester."

To carry out their work correctly, different details come into accounts, such as artificial intelligence. And image recognition algorithms to teach them how to detect tomatoes that are ready for harvest, taking into account color, position, form, etc.

Panasonic creates a robot to use on farms

Panasonic creates a robot to use on farms

And of course, particular interest has also come into developing a dynamic. That prevents the robot from spoiling the tomatoes. When they come, as they are special for sale and consumption. Regarding his performance, like a tomato harvester. As mentioned, it can collect ten vegetables per minute.

Although it does not seem to differentiate the performance of an experienced worker, the advantage is in the dynamics it offers it can work continuously, at any time, etc.


The Panasonic team had been developing this project for some time and improving some aspects. Such as the speed and precision of the robot arm, so that its performance is optimal.

At the moment, this robot has come on display, and they have not reported when it will release to the market as a viable proposal for farmers

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