MyFirst Fone, a smartwatch for children seeking financing

MyFirst Fone is presented in Kickstarter as an intelligent solution for those parents who hesitate to give a mobile phone to their children, so as not to expose them to unwanted situations.

It has the basic functions of a mobile device. But that comes with the ability to customize its dynamics and the way of communication. In addition, as we see in the image, it is a kind of smartwatch for children:

MyFirst Fone, a smartwatch for children seeking financing

MyFirst Fone, a smartwatch for children seeking to finance

It has a 1.3 megapixel Full HD camera, so you can make video calls between MyFirst Fone, or with iOS and Android devices. And of course, they can make calls and send text messages to authorized telephone numbers.

It has an SOS button, which with just pressing it, will send the parents a notification with the location of the device and 30 seconds of recording. In addition, it has some additional functions, for example, the possibility of setting personalized alarms ... "time to do homework", "take medicine", etc.

Parents can control all device configurations through their application, available for both iOS and Android. For example, they can set it to quietly enter specific periods, such as during school hours.

The battery of MyFirst Fone can offer a range of up to 60 hours, so it will be practical in different scenarios. At the moment, MyFirst Fone is in the development stage and looking for funding on Kickstarter.

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