Sandisk iXpand Base: charge your iPhone and make a backup at the same time

Do not you drive with iCloud or iTunes? Do you need an additional backup? Then you need this accessory for your iPhone. If you have an iPhone, it's probably because you're in love with iOS: its stability, security, and fluidity make them mobile phones that just have no rival. But its software also has a B side. That it is so robust and secure necessarily implies certain rigidity. Also, it is something that is noted when passing files from the computer to the mobile (and vice versa) or when backing up.

Currently, there are only two ways to backup: through the Apple cloud service or the terrifying iTunes. And with Sandisk iXpand Base, one more that will become your favorite thanks to its simplicity and efficiency.

Do you go crazy with iTunes or with iCloud?

Sandisk iXpand Base can be the solution to your problems if you do not manage with iTunes or do not connect your iPhone to your computer very often, you do not have purchased storage space in iCloud. Or it is just not your thing, or you just want an additional backup. In all those cases, this accessory is going to become a must without which you can not live.

Sandisk iXpand Base: charge your iPhone and make a backup at the same timeSandisk iXpand Base: charge your iPhone and make a backup at the same timeBox with Sandisk iXpand Base

It is a charger that in turn makes backup copies, so you do not forget to have your backup to the last and at hand in an emergency. A point: the Sandisk iXpand Base is not a hard disk in itself. But rather a charging base with an SD slot.

Design and materials

The Sandisk iXpand Base comes in a box in which we can find the base, the cable that connects to the current and an SD card that can be 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB or 256 GB. That is depending on what you have bought. Unfortunately, the Lightning cable is not included in the pack, so we'll have to use ours. But it's quiet because it's not going to be a mess of cables: you can pick it up by winding it in the slot in the base.

The base is fantastic and of high quality: made of a rigid and resistant metal in the lower part and with rough rubber in the upper area, so that we can support the iPhone for the load. And that this is correctly supported, without slippage. It has a size that fits in the palm and is somewhat cumbersome, but it does not matter too much. Since the idea is to leave it for example in the office or on the bedside table.

In addition to the slit of the side that we have previously commented. Also, we can find a hole in the bottom where we must connect the lightning cable which in turn will allow its storage discreetly.

Sandisk iXpand Base: charge your iPhone and make a backup at the same timeDetail of the Sandisk iXpand Base

Finally, we will also see a slot in which to introduce the SD, something that allows us both to use the one that comes by default and to use others. It is something that could be worthwhile if we want to manage more than one backup or only, we want to save some money. So, you just have to take account: it is much cheaper to buy the 32 GB base . And provide a higher volume card than the 256 GB one.


The iXpand Base charger is triple the power of the original iPhone

Everything in the Sandisk iXpand Base distills quality at a glance, and the charger is no exception. It has a cable of a more than the acceptable length and 15W of power so that we can charge the iPhone quickly. To give you an idea, the original supplied by Apple is 5W, and the iPad is 10W.


To make the backup copies will be necessary to install the free app. That performs the process, something you will do the first day as soon as you connect your iPhone to the base and the screen that tells you. Just click on the link that takes you to the App Store and configures it quickly. It does not have much mystery.

I said: there are no chips or processors in the Sandisk iXpand Base, merely an SD card. That will read and write our photos, videos, and contacts, so technically it is not a complete backup as such.

The dynamics of its operation are not so simple. You have to connect the plug to the power. Also, connect the lightning cable to the iPhone. And support it on the base if you want and go to sleep! Suffice with a nap, because with its power. Also, it will load your device with a sigh and if you use it daily, the backup will also be done quickly.

And it is that the SD cards, although they are of such a contrasted quality as in the case of the Sandisk. That is limited to their speed of reading and writing, so they would be slow if they had to process a significant amount of information on a daily basis. Fortunately, if you use it as a regular charger, it would not be the case.

To recover the files, you just have to open the app of your iPhone and select recover, something. That you could also do with another new iPhone, merely installing the app and connecting it to the base. Another option is to pass these files to the computer. That is something you can do by connecting a USB cable to the bottom or removing the SD card and inserting it into a PC.

Something beneficial for users is that it allows us to free space on the iPhone by deleting the photos. That we have already saved in the Sandisk iXpand Base. It also detects our iCloud images. But if we want to keep them all remember that it is an SD card. So it could take several nights if you have an excellent collection.


Personally, I love the design, its size and how well the load works. And if you already give me a copy of some of my data in something as tangible and manipulable as an SD card, then fantastic. Just for that, for me, it is already worth considering your purchase.


Sandisk iXpand Base, the ideal gift for a newbie in technology

However, being an SD card still amazes me. Yes, it is very comfortable to manipulate, exchange and use۔ ءowever they have been with us for many years. And we are very familiar with their use. But when it comes to reading and writing, they are slow, and users are increasingly more demanding, and we store a higher volume of information.

Another of his handicaps is the price. The 15W charger is excellent. But you have to admit that it is high for what it is. And undoubtedly more than one user will account for what it would cost to buy the cheapest base. Aand use their SD cards or directly invest their iCloud storage cost and that the backup is complete. Or upload your iPhone to your computer with iTunes configured to make the full backup on our hard drive.

I think it is an ideal gadget to have an additional backup and especially for someone very jealous of your information and look for something simple to control and manage it. It seems a lie, but many people make a mess with iCloud and do not even talk about iTunes.

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