ASUS, HP and Dell are preparing laptops with Intel Kaby Lake-G processors

Leading manufacturers are secretly developing the first laptops with revolutionary processors. What will come out of it? That is what we will probably learn at CES.

 ASUS, HP and Dell are preparing laptops with Intel Kaby Lake-G processors

ASUS, HP, and Dell are preparing laptops with Intel Kaby Lake-G processors

Intel Kaby Lake-G processors can quite messy on the market of mobile devices. Also, we get not only CPU but also modern and powerful GPU. No wonder that laptops are interested in such designs. We know that ASUS, Dell, and HP are preparing their constructions.

The new units are a combination of the Intel Kaby Lake processor, AMD Vega graphics chip, and HBM2 memory. All this has been placed on one ground, which is supposed to promote the construction of efficient, and at the same time compact design - ultimately they are supposed to be laptops and miniature computers. If you are interested in details, we refer to this news.

If you follow our news section quite often, then you know that the network can already find the first entries regarding the specifications and performance of circuits. However, this is not the end of the revelation, because one of the Reddit website users has come to information about laptops with such units.

HP Specter x360 - Kaby Lake-G

HP plans to release the HP Specter x360 - as its name suggests, it will be a compact, convertible design. In the middle will be a 4-core / 8-thread Intel Core i7-8705G processor with graphics Radeon RX Vega M GL.

ASUS, HP, Dell - laptops from Kaby Lake-G

However, this is not all, because similar designs will also in the offer of ASUS and Dell (here exact models have not been disclosed yet).

The CES 2018 is ahead of us. It can, therefore, be suspected that some of the well-known manufacturers will then present the first designs with new Intel processors. We can not wait!

Source: Reddit

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