VESA DisplayHDR 600, DisplayHDR 1000 for true HDR functions in monitor

Several models have begun to arrive in the sector of the monitors whose manufacturers claim that they have HDR (high dynamic range image). But after reviewing we see no actual HDR in them. At least, what is usually considered HDR, which requires a panel with 1000 nits of maximum brightness. Or there are 500 nits of light for a minimum contrast for HD that is far below average. VESA wants to bring a bit of order to the market of HDR monitors with the DisplayHDR standard.

VESA DisplayHDR 600, DisplayHDR 1000 for true HDR fuctions in monitor

VESA DisplayHDR 600, DisplayHDR 1000 for true HDR functions in monitor

The company has created three levels for this certification. The three models ranges are DisplayHDR 400, 600 and 1000. Here the number indicating the minimum brightness they will have. Also, with their testing methods, that takes into account various panel parameters. Such as their luminance, ranges of colors that cover, depth of color and time of rising and the change between black and white of a pixel.

How DisplayHDR works?

The lowest level, DisplayHDR 400 is not excessively stringent regarding the characteristics that the panel must have as that one requires only 50% more brightness as compared to the standard SDR or standard dynamic range. So it could be oriented to laptop screens, with the requirement to just over 95% of the sRGB spectrum. And that offer authentic 8-bit color - it is not worth 6 + 2 bits. Although all three levels require the correct interpretation of the HDR10 format, only the upper two require a color panel of 10 bits or 8 + 2 bits. So, covering a minimum of 99% of Rec. 709 and 90% of the DCI- P3.

HDMI 2.1 With 8K Resolution And HDR And VBR

The certification process comes with the authorization of VESA. Also, this self-certification process allows VESA to carry out audits. That is useful when critics or users who analyze the monitors find defects in the panels that make them not comply with the certificate indicated for them.

The certificate will begin to be seen on monitors for sale starting in the first quarter of 2018. Also, VESA has indicated that it will display several monitors at CES in Las Vegas. And it is not a strict certificate of what is HDR, at least it is enough in its variants DisplayHDR 600 and DisplayHDR 1000. That will serve to screen a little more the choice of an HDR monitor among those who advertise as HDR but not they become.

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