DeepVariant: Google launches a tool of Deep Learning to better understand the human genome

The Google team launched an Artificial Intelligence tool (DeepVariant). That allows analyzing with high precision the millions of data resulting from the sequencing of the genome. Years ago, High-Performance Sequencing (HTS) technology revolutionized the processing of genomic data. That is, allowing large-scale sequencing, quickly, and at low cost. However, to extract the useful, accurate and complete information we need statistical tools. And that innovation represents a significant challenge.


There are many methods and tools, driven by public and private companies. That have adopted different approaches to achieve this. Following this line, the Google team and Verily Life Sciences have dedicated more than two years of research, to develop DeepVariant.

It is a Deep Learning technology, which can reconstruct the image of a complete genome. That has a base on high-performance sequencing, with more precision than the methods currently used.

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In Google Research they explain the technical aspects of the development of this tool. And the different phases of research and training to solve with the lowest possible error rate.

An interesting detail is that DeepVariant comes as open source software. So that those interested can evaluate its potential and contribute to its development.

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