Android and its relationship with Bitcoin

Best applications for Bitcoin mining in Android smartphones, tablets and such devices. Commonly computers are used for mine Bitcoins. But almost any device could be used for cryptocurrency mining. But this has one small drawback: the energy loss that is needed to carry out the mining and also the computing power that is required.

The energetic consumption is due to the high use of resources at the time of looking for our precious Bitcoins, in a computer, it is something "assumable." In devices such as a smartphone or a tablet. That is not special for this type of intensive tasks; it is much more complicated.

How to do Bitcoins Mining on Android Smartphones and Tablets?

Hence, we first discarded the mining using our device since the cost regarding processing does not compensate with what can be achieved, maybe cents per year.


It is another of the cryptocurrencies that appeared in the wake of Bitcoin. The big difference is that it requires fewer resources to be "mined" since instead of using the data processing what it uses is the storage space. So the energy consumption is much lower when compared with the necessary for Bitcoins; making it more suitable for devices such as a smartphone or tablet.

Burstcoin pocket

Requires Android 4.1 and higher

The application is still somewhat unstable

Applications that we can find

Bitcoin mining on Android. Is there or is it a scam?
If you search the Google store, you will discover that you have a wide range of options available. But as in any other application, it is not right to install the first one you see since you can find some rude surprise in the form of a scam.

MinerGate Mobile Miner

It is one of the options that exist to "mine" Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies on your Android device. Among the options that it offers us, we have to control from which device the search is being made or to know the statistics. It is an application that is still in Beta, so it is possible that some instability occurs.

MinerGate Mobile Miner
Requires Android 4.1 and higher
Crypto Miner

Another application to "mine" BitCoins of a less visual aspect and something more complex to use. Its latest update is 2015, a detail to take into account if we find instability or incompatibilities.

Crypto Miner (BTC, LTC, QRK, GRS)
Requires Android 2.3 and higher


Applications to avoid

Bitcoin Tapper

It is an application that has the integrity that the only thing that asks us is to click on the Bitcoin to win each day. And seeing applications like these is when the saying goes "no one gives hard to four pesetas." If we review their permissions, among them, it stands out that it asks us for access to the location with something suspicious.

However, not all apps are scams, but be careful.

As we have seen so far, it is possible to explore for Bitcoins from our Android device, but we must be careful with what is installed. Due to the media boom that has recently reached many applications want to take the power of it. One of the common scams is that the application makes us record with the account in which we keep the Bitcoins, then transfer them to the scammers thus losing everything saved. Very careful with this.

Also, other bad practices that are carried out under the shadow of being an application to "mine" Bitcoins or take the management of them. So dear, before installing anything, you have to make sure of the reliability and origin of the application.

In case of doubt, it is better not to install anything before bringing us an unpleasant surprise

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