LEAGOO T5c: the first mobile to mount a Spreadtrum SC9853i processor

LEAGOO is one of the most popular Chinese brands in recent months. A week ago we told you about the T5c, your new mid-range phone. In this article, we talk about the specifications of this device. We show you that the LEAGOO T5c would have an eight-core MediaTek processor. Finally, it seems that this is not the case. The phone will be the first in the market to have a Spreadtrum SC9853i chip.

LEAGOO T5c: the first mobile to mount a Spreadtrum SC9853i processor

LEAGOO T5c: the first mobile to mount a Spreadtrum SC9853i processor

The firm surprises in this way with this decision to mount a processor that is not Qualcomm or MediaTek. Instead, they bet on one of the Spreadtrum. A brand that is not so famous in the market, but you can certainly see how its popularity increases with this device. Explicitly, it has opted for the SC9853i model, about which we already know more details.

Specifications Spreadtrum: SC9583i

It is an eight-core processor with a frequency of 1.8 GHz. It seems that Intel has collaborated in its development since it has a 64-bit architecture and 14-nanometer FinFET technology. Also, it comes to know that the Spreadtrum SC9853i is 39% more potent than MTK MT6750 at 28 nm. It is also 25% more efficient than said processor. And its performance is 36% higher than the MediaTek processor.

These data have been revealed by Antutu. So in this way we have a bright idea about the processor that the LEAGOO T5c will have. Undoubtedly, on paper, it seems that this change dramatically benefits the brand. Such a medium range like the LEAGOO T5c specific benefits.

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It is expected that the LEAGOO T5c will soon reach the market. Something that the Chinese company has not confirmed yet, although it will come in December as the launch date. We will have it at a price of $ 129.99. So it is a price of the most accessible for your specifications.


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