Augmented Reality to practice calligraphy

For several years now, we have been writing the utilities of Augmented Reality in our daily lives: in the world of marketing, in museums, in education, in the learning of the history of humanity, in journalism. And today it is the turn to calligraphy.

Augmented Reality to practice calligraphy

Augmented Reality to practice calligraphy

The web learns calligraphy and today news explain us the possibilities in this sense. So, we print a code that represents a specific type of letter. And we write about the virtual image that will appear when focusing it.

Apple Mobile Augmented Reality

The idea is simple: on its website, there are several types of "special" letters, calligraphy reminiscent of the one used in medieval times, as well as symbols of different cultures. When we print the corresponding code and put it on paper. Also, we will be helping the recognition system of your app to show a projected image of the design in question, which allows us to write overtraining our pulse so that, over time, we can do it without the help of the RA.

They present it in product hunt as a project still in development. That can be used with Android 5.0+ and chrome, as well as with iPhone (iOs 11) and Safari. Although in the above video it is already possible to see the result we can obtain.

Although at the moment it will only serve to pass the time, the idea can help to build new options more focused on drawing. We will follow the trail carefully.


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