Biostar S130-90G Specially Designed for cryptocurrency Mining

Biostar founded in Taiwan in 1986 and manufactures and sell parts for personal computers including motherboards. In recent years they occupy a large share of PC parts for virtual currency mining. Biostar has developed an SSD with dedicated firmware suitable for cryptocurrency mining that operates 24 hours a day.

Biostar S130-90G

Biostar S130-90G Detailed Specifications

This product has been tested for a long time at Biostar's mining verification facility. Also, its compatibility has been tested and can be used by anyone for cryptocurrency mining with a piece of mind.

Also, it has the transfer speed with reading at 450 MB/s and the writing speed is about 360 MB/s. The storage capacity is only 90 GB. But that is enough capacity to store mining OS and applications.

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Of course, it is compatible with ordinary personal computer applications. And it demonstrates high speed and reliability as a substitute for an office personal computer etc. that is required for trust.

SAC Corporation will also release Biostar's VGA card for mining in the future and will contribute to the virtual currency society to come by hardware.

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Product: 2.5 inch SATA III SSD 90 GB

New Product name: S130-90G

Product model number: SG681S2E39-SM1B9-BS2

JAN: 4712960683457

Sequential read speed: 450 MB / s

Sequential write speed: 360 MB / s

Use Flash: 3D TLC NAND

Product size: 100 x 70 x 70 mm

Product weight: 36 g


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